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This is a brooch made of Steel and Ivy ;-)
The ivy is made from fabric, I also tried to use real leaves but then you have to cover them with acrylic or something...

unfortunatetly I converted the Project into a how-to and do not know how to undo :-(

so.. ok, there's a how-to... but without pictures (because I have none) and in not-really-well enlish (because it's from me *g*)

Posted by Kerstin R. from Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, Germany • Published See Kerstin R.'s 6 projects »
  • Step 1

    Take your leaf and put it on some paper. Draw a line around. This is the raw-model of your brooch.
    Now you can modify the outer form, add the stalk or some ornament, just how it's up to you ;-)

  • Step 2

    Decide the width of the "frame", the leaf should be covered, the rest is your choice, draw the frameline on the paper, too...

  • Step 3

    transfer both, groundplate and frame on 0,5mm steelplate and saw out.

  • Step 4

    polish the surface of the frame very bright and the back of the groundplate so there are no more scratches visible

  • Step 5

    Make the surface of the groundplate raw and cover lightly with epoxy, put on the leaf.
    If you want to glue on the frame, do the same (surface raw, epoxy - and together)
    But you also can rivet both together (may last longer, but epoxy also works well)

    If you've used a real dried leaf, fill the frame with a thin layer of epoxy or acrylic so the leaf is keeped and covered ;-)

  • Step 6

    Now glue on the stitch (?!) [I don't know the english word, sorry!] at the back and let dry.
    You also can drill a hole in the stalk an make it a chain pendant, there are many ways to use the Ivy :-)

  • Step 7

    Yeah, ready!

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Kerstin R.
Kerstin R. · Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, DE · 6 projects
I'm so sorry, this war not supposed to be a how-to "only" a project...
don't know why it's a how-to actually... and how to change the status..
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
beautiful , but were is the tute?
love your idea;-D
Scully-Anne M.
Scully-Anne M.
love this, looks like it is from lord of the rings

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