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How to make a button necklace in simple way for kids
Shell buttons beads are at huge advantage at their natural resource and gloss; and because of its high hardness, it can be widely used in many jewelry making fields. In this article, an easy necklace making instructions that how to make a button necklace of them can make your kids happy and excited and you can also ask your kids take part in the project as well.

  • How to make a button necklace. How To Make A Button Necklace In Simple Way For Kids - Step 1
    Step 1

    Combine buttons one by one

    Firstly, prepare a section of Cotton Wax Cord and attach two needles onto each cord tip; then pass the cord through one hole of shell button;

    Secondly, cross two tips through another hole;

    Thirdly, add another shell button bead and cross both tips through both two holes;

    Fourthly, make sure the layer of two buttons and tighten the cord;

    Finally, repeat adding buttons until you have 18 or 20 pieces;

  • Step 2

    Add on the Stain Ribbon

    After you got an even numbers beads for the necklace, adjust the bead at center position to make whole into two lines; after that, weave the stain ribbon between the two beads lines.

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