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A gorgeous hairstyle for a night out or everday!
A pretty updo that is dressed up enough that it would be perfect for a party or even to a wedding yet still casual enough that it can be worn out shopping or even to dinner for date night!

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    Here are the steps to getting your own version!
    Begin with a side part on the right side of the head.
    Divide out a section of hair at the top of the hair, about an inch back from the hairline.
    Pin this section out of the way.

  • Step 2

    Grab your favorite stretchy headband and place it in the part created by the pinned off section, tugging it down toward the base of the head to secure it on the head. *If your headband doesn’t stay down tight, it can still work since the finished hairstyle will help hold it in place.

  • Step 3

    Let down the pinned section so it lays over the top of the headband.
    Take a section of hair, on the heavy side of the part, and divide it into two pieces, front and back.
    Grab a third piece of hair on the backside of the headband, creating the three strands to begin a braid.
    Cross the back strand over the middle.
    Cross the front strand over the middle, creating the first stitch of a regular braid.

  • Step 4

    Cross the back strand over the middle and add in a section of hair from the backside of the headband, as the beginning of a french braid.

  • Step 5

    Repeat step 10 with the front piece, continuing the french braid.
    Continue braiding a french braid, over the top of the headband, until it reaches the back of the left ear.
    Take the braid and tuck it into the headband creating the first tuck and the “tuck and cover.” **If the braid falls loose, secure the tuck with a few hair pins.

  • Step 6

    With the tail left sticking down, grab another section of hair next to it and tuck it once more around the hair band.
    Switch to the right side of the head and tuck a section of hair, near the front of the face, around the headband.
    Add another section of hair to the tail and tuck it once more into the headband.
    Tuck two more sections of hair around the headband or until the entire headband is hidden by hair.
    Combine the remaining hair and twist it around so it is all together.
    Wrap the twist, in a clock-wise motion, into a donut shape.
    Pin the bun in place with hair pins around the edges, hiding them beneath the bun itself.
    Gently pull on the sides of the bun to create a larger bun. This is important for the overall symmetry of the hairstyle.
    Set the style with hairstyle and you are ready to go!

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