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Oh my gammit this is so easy :) PS> Sorry for poor photo quality-- I had to do it with a phone and a mirror- And everything inm the backround, ugh.
OK, so I saw this on another website, not my idea or recipe, but now I can't find the link like at all, so If somebody finds out who's recipe it actually belongs to, I would be happy, more then happy, to give credit. With that said how ever, I will still give a how to since it is uber easy---

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  • Step 1

    Notes-- It isn't like the store bought stuff, because it is not dry, it is wet, but it works the same. I doubled the original recipe I believe, but you don't need to. It works because corn starch and rubbing alcohol are both natural, hmm, un-greasers. REMEMBER-- This isn't for everyday, I am pro bathing. Maybe use this 5 times a month or less, since you know, rubbing alcohol isn't the thing you want to drench your hair in everyday. Only use it for those quick fixes, like when you are at home watching American Idol half asleep, rating Ryan Seacrest's outfits when you remember it is your best friends wedding. Thats never happened before...

  • Step 2

    Ok, get a measuring cup, something large to mix in and put in 1 tablespoon of corn starch. I doubled the recipe witch you can also do, making it two tablespoons. Then in a different cup (what I did because I am OCD or something) mix 4 tablespoons of water (or 8 if you are me) and carefully, without getting alcohol on your skin (if you do, no big just wash it off pretty quick, you don't want a ton absorbing into you, that's all) mix in 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. I used 70% something or other, the regular CVS stuff, oh or use two if you double. No mix the liquids with the starches, heh heh that's funny for some reason, and mix well so there is no lumps. Now put into a small squirt bottle using a funnel--

  • Step 3

    To use-- To use squirt your greasy roots with the mix, just make it damp, you don't need it sopping, and evenly distribute with a comb or brush, if it is still wet you can air dry or get a blast from a hair dryer. Shake before use, By the way it should not smell after the alcohol evaporates :) I hope it works for you and remember, it isn't for everyday because of the alcohol. !!!

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Emmyann07 · Sacramento, California, US · 49 projects
Mmmm this is interesting. I have difficult hair that gets noticeably greasy (especially at the bangs) after just one day. I like showering every day but it can be harsh on my hair. I've tried the spray in dry shampoo which is difficult to get all the powder out and leaves my hair with a weird texture...

ANYWAYS to get back to your project, it sounds like a good idea Happy
HotPinkCrayola · Holmfirth, England, GB · 97 projects
If you want something for days in between I find that talcum powder (baby powder) sprinkled on the roots, rubbed in, then combed out works a treat.

I might give this a try though, I'm always looking for dry shampoo ideas!

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