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Cherry Blossom the Geisha Pony - How I made her
This is a pony that I made for the oriental swap on My Little Pony arena years ago. This isn't a tutorial but I will try to take you through step by step how I made her.

I can't actually remember which pony she originally was, but she came from a charity shop and was covered in felt pen with her hair cut short. I cleaned her, removed the original cutie mark and eyes with acetone, then took her apart and removed her hair.

I used Apoxie Sculpt (a two part epoxy putty/clay) to sculpt the tree directly on to her body. Each of the tiny blossoms was then sculpted individually and attached to the tree.

Once the sculpting was set I painted the red base coat all over. I then carefully painted the white face make-up based on real Geisha make-up, paying special attention to the points on the forehead and the back of the neck. Then I painted on her make-up, again based on the traditional Geisha make-up, and painted the tree. The last thing I painted was the cherry blossoms using several different shapes to give them a realistic look. The whole thing was then sprayed with a matte spray sealer.

Lastly, I added some holes extra holes across her forehead to give her a wider fringe area. I rehaired her all in black and created my very basic version of a Geisha wig style, using dress making pins to secure it and glass head dress making pins to decorate it a bit. The tail is styled with a very basic take on the Geisha hair look and left long with a long red ribbon securing it. The hair sticks were made using gold coloured earring stems which I attached my beads to using some gold thread.

Then she was ready to be sent off to her new home.

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