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Hair Mask with olive oil, shiny hair, beauty
Who does not know the nearly empty products you have standing in the back of your bath shelf?

Posted by MissBeatnik from Niederdorla, Thuringia, Germany • Published See MissBeatnik's 3 projects »
  • How to make a hair mask. Conditioner Leftovers Hair Mask - Step 1
    Step 1

    Use every conditioner leftovers you can find. You can also use leave-in hair balms. Put all these leftovers in a bowl and add some olive oil. Mix it until it is fluid. If not, add some more olive oil. Then put it in your hair and let it soak in as long as possible. Wash your hair et voilà your hair will be super soft and extra shiny.

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somnambuchatter · Huntington Beach, California, US
Great idea! I've done something similar, but with only the oil ("back in the day" *coughs*you weren't born yet*coughs* we knew not of olive oil; vegetable oil worked fine); and, yes; washing it out *is* a treat, isn't it?

I was recommended another step you might try for more of a "heat conditioning treatment."

1. after "gooing up" your hair,
2. put a plastic bag over it (maybe a produce bag from the grocery store?), then
3. wrap a bath towel around the whole thing

For a faster/better heat-infusing affect, after Step 2, I would wet a hand towel (thinner is better here) in fairly hot water (not *too* hot--scalded/balded!] heads are not pretty heads ("*_ ) before Step 3, where I would wrap the whole shebang up in the bigger towel. CAUTION! DO NOT leave the heat part of the treatment on your head for more than 1/2hr. After that time, remove the plastic bag (and hot towel, if used). Remove ~*immediately*~ If the heat is bothering you *AT ALL* You may leave the conditioner on as long as you like, but be safe!

Using up all the odds & ends is a great idea!--(and much better than trying to get *one*last*use* out of that bottle by watering it down 5 times! 6_9)

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