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I found an old skirt in a 'for free' -basket at a local flea market. It was long and looked like something my grandma would wear. I took it anyway, 'cause you konw, it was free :D It didn't really fit me at first, since I like to wear my skirts at my hips, not on my natural waistline. Fortunately it really fit me on my waist, and I just cut it to a proper lenght and sewed a tunnel for the elastic in the hem. It turned out really cute (in my opinnion), and I think it looks ok on me :) I don't usually wear clothes with high waist, 'cause the tend to show my potbelly a bit too much.. This skirt hides it nicely ;)

Posted by Aino from Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland • Published See Aino's 8 projects »


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Aino · Rovaniemi, Lapland, FI · 8 projects
Sorry about the kinda crappy picture..

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