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This week I have been busy filming the final shots I need for my documentary and I have noticed that the people in Dundee have the strangest attitudes towards people filming with camcorders. While in the DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts) I asked if it would be okay to film an interview in a quiet corner that no one was using. But, I (a Dundee based Contemporary Artist). was told that I would have to give at least 3 weeks notice and even then it was unlikely. It just goes to show that they are more about the people who can afford to buy art than the artists themselves.

Then at one point, when I was filming around town, the police stopped and asked for my details but when they realised it was for uni they wished me luck with it. Later I was out with Miquette and some guy in a Dundee uniform asked her for her details because she was filming too.

It turns out that some guy in my class was stopped by the police for filming. They took him to the station and questioned him. He is now banned from ever filming in Dundee again because he is suspected of terrorist activity. It's lucky that the terrorism bill didn't get passed or he could have spent 3 months in jail without trial. His problem now is that he wont be able to get his film made in time for the deadline. How is anyone suppose to be a film maker nowadays?




ysolda · 1 project
yeah I've been stopped from filming by the police a few times. Mostly it's just when they're embarrassed about how they'll look. But places like train stations etc are now definite no go areas.
ysolda · 1 project
sorry if i just posted that twice.
are you sure they can legally ban him from filming in the city - that sounds extremely unlikely, but even if that's what they're saying it's appalling


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