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Come behind the scenes at Shirley and Eadie for #KnittingNookTour and see Ashlyn's creative space in Baton Rouge.

The natural light and openness of it. It’s located right off of our living room with glass French doors opening into the living room. Half of the room is my husband’s work space, so if I decide to stitch from the couch and binge Netflix we can still be close to one another if he’s working and vice versa.

Tell us about your space

The room is actually more for storage and keeping my projects organized. I actually do most of my stitching on the couch or bed and outside on the porches! Every now and then I’ll sit in the corner chair when the sun is out and feels warming through the windows.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?

When I decorated the space, I wanted it to have a gender neutral feel since I share the space with my husband. He works from home most days, so I really wanted him to love the space too. We both love the deep green color we chose for the walls and picked out special p penalize items to decorate. For example, the chair to my desk was my grandfathers desk chair that my grandmother gave me after he passed away. We also have some art on the walls from our travels.

How do you keep your projects, yarn and supplies organized?

Projects are usually stored in bento bags and kept in a wicker magazine rack by my corner chair or in baskets stored on bookshelves. Whatever I’m working on at the moment gets put down in a small jute basket I made on the coffee table. Yarn is stored in baskets and bins on bookshelves and sometimes even just left out to admire and squish.

Any tips & tricks for staying organising and untangled?

I think everyone has s system that works for them, even if it seems like utter chaos to others. But, one thing that I have invested in that I don’t think I could live without now is my Tulip crochet hook set. Not only are the hooks the most comfortable I’ve ever worked with, but it comes with scissors, a ruler, and two different sized tapestry needles. I also threw in a few stitch markers and it’s basically all I need in one little pouch. Not to mention it’s beautiful!

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?

Gosh that’s so tough, I love everything I make! Does that sound arrogant? I just put so much time and love into my pieces, which is probably why I always had trouble making things to sell. I do have several designs that I’m working on that will be released this year that I’m so excited about and proud of!

How do you organise your inspiration and ideas?

I’m in love with the Instagram tags. I tag so many inspirational pictures from landscapes to clothing design. I also love Pinterest. I usually sketch my ideas out when the mods strikes with lots of descriptive notes since my drawings are laughingly terrible!

Where do you look for inspiration?

Spending time outside always brings me so many ideas. I also love perusing my favorite clothing deigners sites.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it your dream stitching space?

More friends to stitch with, a blocking station, and magically protecting all my yarn from dog hair!

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