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Make a Pictish stone feltie in #AroundTheWorldIn80Crafts with Elizabeth in Forres, Scotland.

Forres is an ancient town on the NE Coast of Scotland. It is well known for its MacBeth connections (the hill where MacBeth reputedly met the 3 Witches is here), Sueno's Stone, a mammoth Pictish carved stone depicting a battle, and the Witch Stones, one of which is located on a main street. It's a pretty town located near the North Sea! This project celebrates all things Pictish--the Picts were the ancient people of this area, and they left many enigmatic carved stones behind them. This felt stone uses 2 common Pictish motifs--the Z-Rod & Disc and a Pictish Beastie (which I personally think is a Kelpie, or Water Horse). I drew inspiration for the designs from the Rodney Stone, located just a few miles outside of Forres.

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