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Make some chocolate chip cookie & peanut brittle ice cream in #ABiteToEat with A Cookie and A Cupcake in Cleveland, Ohio.

How did you get started?

Well, years ago I worked as a Pastry Sous Chef for my business partner, Wendy Thompson. While working one of the many 12 hour shifts in a hot "pastry room" ( really it was a closet with ovens), we decided that we couldn't image working with anyone else than each other. Since we were not BFF's but co-workers we thought this would give us the chance to make this business work on a professional level, but it wasn't long before we felt like a married couple going through the struggles of a new business. We literally make up for each other's weaknesses and that is the best quality we provide for each other as cheesy as that sounds. So In 2008, I gave up my at home cake business and Sous Pastry Chef position and Wendy gave up being the Executive Pastry Chef so that we could start this adventure one cupcake at a time.

Where are you located?

We are located in Historical Tremont Ohio. (2681 West 14th street) This is a burb right outside of downtown Cleveland where the culinary scene is hopping and many local and worldwide chef's have had their start. Such as Michael Symon's first restaurant Loita, Rocco Whalen's restaurant Fahrenheit and Zach Bruell's restaurant Parralax. We also just opened our second location on the east side of Cleveland at 13953 Cedar Road, South Euclid, Oh. 44118.

What are your specialities?

Well as our name states, Cupcakes and Cookies are what we love to bake, but we also have brownies, cheesecakes, organic based homemade ice cream and of course custom cakes! What you will find when you step into one of our stores is a delicious array of 14 daily flavors of gourmet cupcakes and a few daily flavors which we like to get a risqué with sometimes. Using all real ingredients, these flavors can get quite crazy....Blue Cheese Buffalo, Tomato Soup, Butter Caramel Popcorn, Cardamom Espresso...and the list goes on. Although cupcakes and cookies are a priority we have grown our fan base of custom cakes as well. Not only do they taste delicious but they look good to and with our wonderful staff the sky's the limit on creativity.

What's your personal favorite thing on the menu?

Well it is a toss up with a few things. First let me say that I am gluten free so when I cheat....it has to be good reason. So I always go towards Our Apple cupcake. This is made with a rich and moist vanilla cake, filled with a cinnamon buttercream, topped with homemade apple compote, add a dollop of brown sugar buttercream and that yummy apple pie crumble to finish it off. And when I am behaving I choose to enjoy our gluten free chocolate cupcake with a scoop of our brown butter with lavender brittle ice cream on top.

What's on the stereo?

Oh I hope I answer this correctly....Both Wendy and I have much different taste when it comes to music and what we listen to. While we are in the kitchen ( behind the scenes) Wendy will always have a book on tape she listens to, and I will always be caught listening to comedy radio. Now in the customer area we usually have playing a variety of genres from oldies to today's top ten.

Where else should we visit in your area?

Well come ready to eat! Tremont has a million places to eat and Drink and they are all amazing. When it comes to dessert though try Lilly Handmade Chocolate and Lucky's Café. If your thinking activities, Tremont has The Christmas Story House and many historical church tours along with countless organized community activities and amazing art galleries. Our east side location has some great shopping as well as the History museum, Aviation Museum, Botanical Gardens, Museum of Art and the list goes on.

Do you host any special events?

This upcoming year we will be hosting and participating in several events. Please keep your eye out on our social media sites for all of the information. From kids to adults, there will be something for everyone.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

We would like to thank www.Cutoutandkeep.net for thinking of A Cookie and A Cupcake for their site. We are a small company that still does everything by hand and so we truly appreciate anything arts and crafts.
Thanks again

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