Unicorn Tears

We're getting magic with Unicorn Tears gin liqueur from Firebox in today's #CocktailHour and mixing a sparkle mimosa, unicorn sunrise and unicorn sandwich cookies.

Classic: Sparkle Mimosa

This sparkling mimosa is the show stopper of all cocktails with an edible gold glitter rim, Unicorn Tears gin liqueur, champagne and popping candy for extra bubbles.

Twist: Unicorn Sandwich Cookies

Add a touch of magic to your chocolate sandwich cookies with a splash of Unicorn Tears gin liqueur to the buttercream and a handful of sparkles and sprinkles to your dough.

Unique: Unicorn Sunrise

This unique cocktail fades blue violet liqueur into Unicorn Tears gin liqueur and bright red grenadine for a gorgeous gradient finished with a candy sprinkle rim.

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