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Please excuse me while I seriously Geek Out....

I can't believe how many amazing games are coming out this year! There are sooo many I was to try out. Lets talk about a few of the Major titles though :)

Numero Uno on my list...SKYRIM! Oh yeah the newest Elderscroll is finally coming out this year after what 5 years of waiting! But ohhhhh is it worth the wait! I have been following the news on it, and it looks ah-mazing! The graphics are the realist yet in any game, ever! And of course Bethesda it making it a rockin story line also! There are more enemies like Giants and Ice Wraiths, a larger map, even compared to Oblivions epic size, oh yeah and Dragons!!!! They only down side.... I have to wait allllll the way until November to get it :( They're going with the whole 11-11-11 deal. But I guess over all thats a good strategy, its easy to remember and right in the holiday season. I really want to pre-order for the Collectors Edition, but not until I know what comes in it ^_^




Ok here are a few also on my list

* Assasin's Creed- Revelations (november)


* BioShock Infinite (in 2012)


*Gears of War 3 (september)


*Alice Madness Returns - Just came out this week and I am loving it <3



Is anyone else this into games?

Let me know what your excited to see this year!




Sally M.
Sally M. · Orlando, Florida, US · 29 projects
hahah that's true.. you really don't NEED 2 consoles, but who would disapprove, really?? lol! the PS3 is a blu-ray player also.. just saying.. :]

plus, if you guys get black ops on ps3 we could all play together likeeee alll the timeee!!! Happy Happy Happy
Princess Pam-attitude
Princess Pam-attitude · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 332 projects
Oh yeah! Arkham City! lol I totally have that preordered too. ahhhh Arkham Asylum was so cool! I reallly liked doing all the achivements too.

My husband keeps trying to talk me into buying a playstation 3, but I think we spend enough on xbox as it is! We dont need a second console in the house.
Sally M.
Sally M. · Orlando, Florida, US · 29 projects
I'm also pretty into games. BUT, I have a PS3 and have a whole different lineup of awesome games about to come out! Infamous 2 just came out which I am super excited about! The game Infamous was pretty cool and very different but it is a Playstation only game. Kinda like how Halo and Left 4 Dead are XBox only. Another game series that's Playstation only also is the Uncharted series. Uncharted 2 won game of the year last year so Uncharted 3 (which is coming out this Nov.) is supposed to be really great. I don't know if you ever played Twisted Metal back in the day.. but Twisted Metal 4 is coming out soon. That should be an interesting upgrade and a very nostalgic game to play. Also, another series of games I like are the Resistance games. I think they are Playstation only too lol. The 3rd installment of those games comes out soon this year and I am very excited about that as well..

I had no idea there was a new Assassin's Creed coming out though! That's awesomee! Happy

Also, Batman: Arkham Asylum was a great game and Batman: Arkham City is coming out in Oct which is the follow up and looks very promising.




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