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Yum! These double chocolate peppermint cookies look delicious.

Check out the recipe from Yesterday On Tuesday »

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Make your friend feel so special with a photobooth strip bow on their present.

Check out the how-to from The Swell Life »

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Here's a unique wreath made out of napkins which we love!

Check out the how-to from Living Locurto »

We don't think whiskey, caramel, marshmallow and bacon bark will be to everyone's taste but we know a few of you will love it.

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Stitch a cute gingerbread man for your tree.

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In need of a quick centerpiece this Christmas? This DIY glitter tree will do the trick.

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There's a new crafty TV show that you can addition for called the Ultimate Craft Throwdown. Check out the flyer below for details!

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Warm up on these winter nights with some delicious cups of hot cocoa.

Check out the recipe from The Inspired Bride »

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Top Of The Cake Pops by April Carter is a great new book which lets you turn your favourite pop stars in to cakes on sticks!

Lady Goo GooCakey PerryMichael Flapjackson

We've got three sample recipes from the book including Lady Goo Goo, Cakey Perry and Michael Flapjackson.

Win a copy of the book

We've got a copy of the book to give away and all you've got to do is tell us which pop star you'd like to turn in to a cake pop?

Congratulations to Olivia!

These felt ice skates make such cute tree decorations.

Check out the how-to from Better Homes & Gardens »

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