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So I have been ridiculously busy lately! So sorry it takes me a while to respond to messages and friends requests and favorite notifications. I'm working almost double my normal amount of hours, and trying to get ready for 2 swaps I'm doing :D I feel bad that its taking me a couple weeks to come up with some pretty items to share, but I just have very limited time to craft!
Though more hours at work means more crafting supplies for me! I got my first couple blocks of polymer clay last weekend and had SO much fun with those, I stalked Ebay a bit and ended up winning 16 colors of sculpey III and fimo soft for less than $27. (and that includes the shipping.) I really really can't wait til they get here. I'm tempted to hold off sending out my swap items until they do, so I can include at least one item each from my new favorite supply.

I got:

2 - Translucent
1 - Red Hot Red
1 - Emerald
1 - Turquoise
1 - Violet
1 - Hot Pink
2 - Lemon
1 - Granny Smith
1 - Purple
1 - Atomic Orange
1 - White
1 - Plum
1 - Chocolate
1 - NightGlow

This makes me very happy, indeed :D

Almost everything I've been working on these last couple of weeks is swap-related so I can't really post pictures of it until my swap buddies get their packages. I'm so impatient, though - I really want to share!





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