Here is our pick of some of the best projects on CO+K last week:

Bake a Domo Kun cake, package up your goodies with a pillow box or french fry box, craft your own scratch and sniff cards, sew a fortune cookie or fruit pop phone case, fold a sarong in to a halter dress, turn an M&M packet in to a bag, knit some coasters, bake a cheaters pineapple orange upside down cake and a amazing plum crumble then display them on a DIY cake stand, sew an easy peasy gardening apron, dress up with a pirate eye patch, sew a cupcake pin cushion, splatter a tee, fold an origami jumping frog, mold a glitter pendant, make some sand beads and end the night on a bang with a DIY party popper.




maggie s.
maggie s. · Chicago, Illinois, US
wow these ideas are great!
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