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Show off your style with a personalized tea-set!

Check out the how-to from Re-Nest.

Wake up to super fluffy pancakes this weekend, yum!

Check out the recipe from Joyful Abode.

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This sounds disgusting but soap made from kitchen grease seems very effective!

Check out the how-to from Little House In The Suburbs.

In the latest episode of ThreadBanger, you can learn how to sew a sexy summer halter top.

In our latest craft contest, we've got three copies of Megan Nicolay's new book, Generation T: Beyond Fashion up for grabs. Check out our review of the book here.

For your chance of winning, simply enter any of your t-shirt related craft projects.

You can enter up to 3 times, good luck!

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Get one of your five a day with a slice of delicious banana bread.

Check out the recipe from Pinch My Salt »

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Taking to the streets, Fashion Tribes China is an exploration of the fashions and street styles of China's youth.

Focusing on five key styles, the Alternatives aren't afraid to stand out in the crowd and express their individual style. Iconic's wear bright colours, wacky accessories and like to mix designer gear with vintage, second-hand and handmade pieces. Hip Hop's take their inspiration from music and dress in baggy clothes, sportswear and accessorize with chains and medallions.

The Fashionistas dress in the latest trends and spare no expense to be seen in the latest designer outfits. In contract, the Casuals, choose comfort and practibility over fashion and opt for the jeans and t-shirts look, but express their style with interesting accessories. A mix of text and a lot of photography, it's interesting to see how Western fashion has taken to the streets of China, making this an inspiring read for any fashion lover.

Pick up a copy of the book from Anova now.

Keep your pins tucked away in style with a super cute African violet pincushion.

Check out the how-to from Flickr.

London's most adored bakery, Hummingbird in Notting Hill, have released a book, The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook filled with recipes for their most famous cakes, pies and other sweet treats.

Highly recommended by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, the book contains dozens of delicious treats, sure to sweeten up any occasion. Bake tasty Red Velvet Cupcakes, Sugar Cookies, Pecan Pie, New York Cheesecake, Green Tea Cupcakes and a Nutty Apple Loaf. There are even a selection of savory recipes, including Ham & Mushroom and Carrot & Courgette Muffins.

Treat yourself to this book and you can get the taste of London's favorite bakery in your home everyday, no matter where you are in the world.

Check out a sample project from the book, Red Velvet Cupcakes.

You can pick up a copy of the book from Ryland Peters & Small. They also have signed copies of the book available. Photos courtesy of © Ryland Peters & Small.

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Wake up to a fresh loaf of artisan bread in the mornings.

Check out the recipe from Foodess »

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