Like being sent to a bootcamp for the 1950's pinup girl, CO+K attended two very unique and interesting workshops at Abacus Arts, near Elephant & Castle, in London last weekend.

1940's & 50's Hair & Make-Up Workshop with Ruby Rose

With 16 years experience in the health and beauty industry, Ruby Rose has styled many of today's top burlesque performers. In the first part of her class, the enigmatic Ruby taught us how to twist and curl our hair in to various 50's styles, while explaining the history behind the look of the time. It was a lot harder than it looked, but practice made perfect and by the end of the session, a sea of impressive 50's barnets had flooded the room. The second part of the class taught us how to achieve the perfect pinup look - with liquid eyeliner, rosy cheeks and scarlet lips. Ruby also offered sound advice for buying natural products and getting the most from our makeup collections. This session offered a chance to brush up on our techniques, ask for advice and leave with stylish 50's looks.

Fascinator Making Workshop with Tricia Cox

Tricia Cox is a trained milliner and for £45, she offers workshops where you can get expert knowledge and create your own hats and fascinators. At last weekend's four hour class, we were taught how to twist, cut and manipulate feathers; work with a wide range of embellishments; use a glue gun; stitch and construct personalized fascinators. A table was covered in the materials we needed, and the class swooned over the colorful and sparkly embellishments. Tricia was happy to spend one-on-one time with each attendee, making sure they were able to design and construct their accessories to perfection. Within a few hours, everyone had made two unique fascinators, but even more importantly, had gained the knowledge to take home and use again and again.

You can find out more about Ruby Rose on the Ruby Emporium, or book both classes on Tricia Cox's website.




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