Company Name: Aimee Asher Elite- crafting, scrapbooking and printables

Location: Sand Point, ID

Website or Store Address: aimeeasher.com

Established: June 2008

Who works at your store?

We have several consignment Illustators and printable designers.

How did you get started?

We love to craft, create clipart and printables and many of us worked together in these fields so we branched out and started our lovely home on the web.

What do you sell?

Clipart, templates, candy wrappers, printable gifts, printable cards, scrapbooking, poems and teacher resources most all in digital downloadable format.

What are your most popular items?

We have several, Our baby and floral clipart along with most any of our printable gifts sets and cards.

What defines your shop and makes it stand out?

Our shoppe gives artist a place to sell their illustrations along with printable designers a place to create and sell their printable crafts. But our shoppe takes it a step further by enabling the small business crafter to buy our printables or art and make and sell their hand made items at craft fairs and small crafting parties. Our angel use policy allows this use and we also have a group of artist who also allow their work to be sold in digital format as well. So it is a wonderful way for our artist to have an income but also small business crafters.

What are your hopes, visions and dreams for the future?

We are in search of adding more clipart/ illustrators to our site as well as more instructional videos and tutorials for crafting. As well as continuing to grow and offer beautiful products for the small business crafters, and stay at home mom to create extra income.

Do you have any tips for sellers who are just starting out?

Advertise and market your products and services. Branch out and offer samples to those who are not familiar with your products and services. Offer ideas and tips for their use.




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