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ok, so i've had the bettie page hair for a looooong time now Photobucket bettie bangs(like you see in this pic, i've been trying to grow them out) but i think it's time for change, growing out my bangs has been...hmmm...A PAIN IN THE ASS! cause once they are longer they tend to frizz up and look poofy, and nasty. but i don't see another way to go about changing my pinupALEX hair....any ideas??




♥.Pe@chy=] · Southern, Virginia, US
try searching youtube. i typed "pin up hairstyles" and found a youtuber who shows you how to tutorials of many pin up hairstles. her youtube name is " sonchik2 " hope it helps=]
Annessa · 1 project
I've been going back and forth with my bangs for about 5 years now!! "Pain in the ass" truly is the best way to describe them. Although not my favorite look, I have been training them to swoop to the side. Kinda emo looking, but the red lipstick makes up for that =) I use a blow dryer while combing to the side and it also helps keep the frizzies away hope. But, as the ritual goes, I usually gett annoyed right when they start going behind the ear and chop them again.. so good luck!!


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