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I got this game and let me tell you, it’s actually good. It’s based on the movie Enchanted which I love because I feel it is a metaphor of fantasy and reality blending. Which is what my whole philosophy of life just happens to be about. I really liked how you could go through New York City and explore Central Park, I’ve never been there. You get various power animals that you can call on to help you with things, I really love how deeply, dare I say, pagan the whole concept of the game is. For example, the game incorporates the stylus ( I prefer the term “magic wand”) into an interactive experience where you have to trace an exact pattern…just like when wizards have to copy their symbols for magical workings…this is a good game for magical practice! Also, check out the website for the game where you can print out crafts and get information on how to have an enchanted video game party!




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Looks pretty neato. What is the main storyline? Have you beaten it yet?


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