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So guess what, I opened my online store :D not much is on at the moment since my little emma decide to give mommy's digital camera a bath. Photobucket My husband found his yesterday and he told me I can keep it. So I am happy that road block wasnt up that very long. Photobucket I am very excited and cant wait for my first sale, I got some more ideas on what to put on my site. I use to collect a bunch of sailor moon stuff. So If I can bare part of that collection I will see if I can sell it.But who knows right. Photobucket I think another idea I would like to add to my store is little trinkets that i find at flea markets and yard sells. I am already started on a new craft that I want to make at least 3 copies of to put on my store as well! I am so happy and determine now woot! Photobucket oh and by the way here is the linke...pardon the mess since i am still working on it. www.shopit.com/Sugars_dream Photobucket let me know what you guys think :D thanks! luv ya all-sug




PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
love your cartoons esp the colors..I love color.
Hope your doing great.And your store will do wonderful Im sure.
miss lizzi
miss lizzi · United Kingdom, GB · 9 projects
Your shops very pretty! I <3 Lucky Star !!
Kiki · Canada, CA · 6 projects
I checked out your store! I really like the little books you made. So cute! I think you could do well with your shop Happy
queenfairypants · Manchester, England, GB · 75 projects
:o one of your kids is called Emma!?

That's my name! You have taste hehe :p



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