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I'm sure many of you will remember my friend who got sexually abused at a party. Well it happened again, only worse this time. After confessing that to me, she then admitted that she went out with the lead singer of my band the other night to a gig. He got her drunk, convinced her he was single (he's not, he lives with his girlfriend) and kissed her. She even showed me texts from him saying things like "I miss your beautiful face" and "I'm glad you got home safe, but I wish you were coming home with me". It's disgusting. What's worse is, she'd just told him about everything that's been going on with her lately, so he clearly just took advantage. She's so shaken up from all of it and just thinks that guys only want one thing from her. I don't really know what to do to help her. Obviously I've left the band. I've told three of the members what happened, but telling the other three won't do any good so I'm just going to leave it. I also won't be able to do work experience with Pat in the summer which is really annoying, but no way am I going near him now. I've told him that he's got to leave me and Aureen alone. And now he's admitted through email what he did, if he persists I can prove it to his girlfriend (unlike last time). Jesus, so much to come back to after Download! On the plus side, I had my interview in the craft shop today and it went really well. I'll be hearing back from them tonight. Edit: I got the job!




Crafter Monkey
Crafter Monkey · Bolton, England, GB · 6 projects
Your poor friend, I hope shes ok and on the mend to feeling a bit better. It's horrible how people take advantage of others.

Congrats on the job, I'm sure you'll have great fun working there. I'm painfully jealous. Happy
Sugarlishes · Fort Hood, Texas, US · 136 projects
wow that is pure chaos for your friend, sorry things are going so rough for her, I hope things get well for her soon and its awesome to know that she has a great friend like you to be by her side in her time of need. Also grats on your job Happy
Shivi · Perth, Western Australia, AU · 14 projects
Congrats on getting a job at the craft shop, that would be awesome, you'll probably get a discount on the products too!
I'm sorry for your friend, that must be awful.
*hugs* to your friend
queenfairypants · Manchester, England, GB · 75 projects
Oh god your poor friend.

Well done on getting the job.



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