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Today at school all the couples were giving gifts and stuff... It kind of stinks when your single because you kind of feel left out, but I was surprised I actually got candy, cupcakes and balloons :P. I was SUPER surprised when I found out my little brother had a girl he wanted to give a gift to. He's finally growing up! I mean WOW, my little brother... It's so weird, he never talks about girls... at least to me. I guess he doesn't think they're gross any more :P. It was funny because he wouldn't even talk to me about her when I asked, and here I thought we were best friends! I asked him what she looked like and he tells me she’s, "Fine!" hahaha. I think it's sweet though. Tomorrow I'm suppose to be going to the movies with my friend and some dudes she met at this party anyways, Boo-ya! Happy Valentines Everyone ;)





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