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I *cannot* leave Value Village (that's a local thrift-department-store here... it's a GIANT second-hand store)... without buying some awesome fabric or some yarn. And SO many things I'm tempted to buy and somehow restrain myself (well...with a little help from hubby being there haha!). I got this fantastic brown plaid patterned corduroy fabric yesterday... it's "end bits" from someone's sewing project...but there's more than enough to make either a short skirt for me or something adorable for one of my kids. AND... I got 2 brand new skeins of Bernat cotton yarn for $1.99... in Canadian money... ONE skein would be $2.99 new, if that helps. OMGYESTHNX. lol. Anyway I had to brag about my findings. Gonna make something outta the cord soon, for sure. Anyone else get fantastic stuff from thrift stores? Do tell!!!




Mama Zoe
Mama Zoe · Oshawa, Ontario, CA · 7 projects
Wohoo Marcy! LOL... I missed 50% off day... they like putting those like... the day before payday, on me.
Marcy · Canada, CA
I just got $100 (if new) dollars worth of yarn there on 50% day... paid 14 totals Happy Happy Happy
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
oooh thrift stores


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