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Craft Projects tagged Kawaii

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Beaded kawaii bow

Cute little Kawaii bow- a fun fashion accessory that can be made in under ten minutes

♥ 1
Kiki's Hair Bow

Make a hairbow like Kiki's- Perfect for cosplay!

♥ 0
Kawaii Unicorn Doodle

Add some colour to your journal pages!

♥ 0
Kawaii Bunny Doodle

Kawaii Bunny Doodle - Cute and Easy!

♥ 1
Cupcake Cross Stitch

♥ 1
Winnie The Pooh Nails

♥ 0
The Texturized Tee

a DIY T-shirt embellishment tutorial

♥ 1
Fluffy Animal Hat (Teddy)

fluffy animal (teddy) hat

♥ 0
Cute & Fluffy Stylish Scarf

soft & fluffy scarf

♥ 0
Kawaii Cake Ring

♥ 0
Diy  Notepad

easy notepad out of recycled materials

♥ 1
Harvestmoon Horse Purse


♥ 0
DIY Galaxy Print Creepers

Cost of cute platform sneakers online: $80 and up. Cost of making it yourself: less than $20!

♥ 1
Diy Eyeball Bows!

A tutorial so simple, it doesn't need pictures!

♥ 7
Drawstring Batpack

♥ 2
Fimo Cupcake Bracelet


♥ 0
Calcifer Plush

Little cuddly Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle

♥ 32
Totoro Tablet/Phone/Laptop Case

A cute 'My Neighbour Totoro' themed case for your tablet, phone or laptop

♥ 3
Chocolate Chip Cookie Ring


♥ 3
Rainbow Fox Tail

♥ 1
Japanese Doll Bookmarks

Cute way to accessorise your books

♥ 6
Kawaii Canvas Shoes Plus Shoe Wings!

Like Hermes, but cute.

♥ 24
Hamabead Bow Hair Clip

A cute bow to wear in your hair!

♥ 6
Izaya Orihara

♥ 1

♥ 0
Mini Latte Art   Tea Cup

mini kawaii latte art!

♥ 0
Easter Chick And Bunny Nails

A cute nail design for Easter

♥ 0
Hello Kitty Hama Bead Pot

Keep your stuff in this cute, fun and easy pot!

♥ 8
Lego Knuckle Duster

Make a ring that will knock the blocks right out of someone!

♥ 6
Domo Plush

kawaii domo-kun plushie from japan with pattern

♥ 14
Kawaii Zombbit San X Plushie

a simple kawaii zombie bunny stuffed animal from Japan

♥ 3
Mr. Bunnington Zine

♥ 3
Kawaii Sketch Book

♥ 4
My Little Pony Sock Plush

Make your own little pony plush!

♥ 52
Valentine's Day Gift Idea : "You're The Bomb" Snacks

A supersweet message for Valentine's Day! =)

♥ 13
Diy Lush Bathbombs With Surprise !!    Valentine's Day Gift Idea

The perfect Valentine's Day Gift Idea for your friends, BFFs, mum, sisters or any Lush lover ! =)

♥ 8
Diy Lush Sparkly Bathbombs With Glitters   Valentine's Day Gift Idea

The perfect Gift Idea for your friends for Valentine's Day =)

♥ 9
❤ Tutorial : How To Make Mini Hot Chocolate Candles With Candy Canes And Marshmallows! ❤

A supersweet Valentine's Day gift idea =)

♥ 9
Hard Mint Candy Pillow

a nice and simple but cute pillow to make

♥ 58
❤Tutorial : How To Make Polymer Clay Candy Canes, Marshmallows And Chocolate !❤

A sweet sweet way to decorate anything! =)

♥ 6
Owl Book Bag

with granny square eyes

♥ 10
Big Donut Pillow

♥ 15
Victorian Muff

♥ 6
Cute Cameo Necklace!

♥ 5
Donut  Pillow

a simple and easy donut pillow

♥ 5
Koinobori   Japanese Flying Carp Diy

On children's day in Japan, large carp kites fly above the homes. This sweet and colourful mini version is a cute way to celebrate and brighten up your own home.

♥ 71
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