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Felt Cat Toys

Make your kitty happy by making her some toys!

♥ 3
Homemade Chicken Pet Treats

Yummy treats for your dog or cat!

♥ 2
Oatmeal Sesame Vanilla Bar Soap

This bar of soap scrubs away all nasty dirts and oils, and is moisturizing as well.

♥ 3
Diy Porch Potty

Make your own Porch Potty. Great for apartment owners and lazy people!

♥ 12
Xmas Budgie Toy

♥ 0
Pet Pocket

An easy sleeping bag for your furry best friend!

♥ 3
Pet Collar Charms

Beaded Pet Collar Charms... for any animal!

♥ 5
Diy Hummingbird Feeder

Fun and helping cute little hummingbirds

♥ 0
How To Make A Pet Garden.

Decorate your yard and do something special for your pets!

♥ 1
Hello Kitty Dog Bed

♥ 6
Budgie Hammock

could be made for another pet if template is made bigger.

♥ 4
Keepsake Pillow

♥ 2
Tarantula Photo Shoot

♥ 5
Heart Braided Tail Dog Plush Toy

for the furbaby/furbabies in your life. :)

♥ 1
Cat Nest

♥ 27
Pet Bed

♥ 6
Reversible Over The Collar Dog Bandana

Easy to sew 2-sided dog bandana

♥ 26
The Whippet Bed!

♥ 2
Dogs Clothing

♥ 0
My Mouse Cage

♥ 5
Amigurumi Catnip Mice

♥ 22
Mouse Cat Toy.

Cats just love playing cat and mouse. :)

♥ 3
Cat Scratching Post

♥ 1
Yarn Cat Ball With Tails

♥ 0
Bunny Treats (Leah Freez Ees)

A nice sweet frozen treat for a sweet bunny!

♥ 4
Rodents Camp

a lovely camp for rodents

♥ 2
Dog Bed

Pets Accesories

♥ 12
No Sew Cat Hat

make a cute cat hat made from fabric and string :D

♥ 24
Cat Apartment

♥ 20
Denim Dog Collar

For the casual pooch.

♥ 6

♥ 2
Kitty Kat Toy Two

♥ 1
A Bed For Murphy

♥ 3
Recycled Dog Toy

♥ 3
Doggy Bag

Say's it all really

♥ 3
Homemade Cat(Or Dog) Bed

Consignment store Bargain, revampped into a Modern new Cat Bed (or Dog)!

♥ 14
Easy To Make, Clean And Heat Pet Beds!

Turn an old towel into a comfy sleep spot for your pet!

♥ 36
Catnip Toy For Mir

♥ 1
Fluffy New Doggie Pillows

♥ 2
Cat Sweater From Hoodie

I don't think he likes it very much, but at least he'll be warm.

♥ 24
Tinkerbell,Doggy Styles

♥ 2
Dog Carrier

♥ 1
Yorkie Vest And Hat

♥ 5
New Jammies For Gypsy

♥ 4
Kitty Cat Pirate Hat

Arrrrrrr! Its a Pirate Kitty! Pattern Included!

♥ 77
Pretty In Pink

♥ 3
Little Black Dress

♥ 5
Buttons & Bows Dog Headband

Cute headband for dogs!

♥ 10
Indoor Gold Fish Pond

Dont have a yard? is it winter and your pond froze over? Wish you could have a koi pond all year long? YOU CAN!!

♥ 29
Free Cat Toy

Keep your cat sharp by adding a small challenge to its environment

♥ 30
Budgie / Parrot Perch

Cheap, personalisable parrot perch :)

♥ 7
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