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Geel, Vlaams Gewest, BE
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My own, cheap, fully customizable tablet cover!

I made this cover following the tutorial made by the wonderful chica and jo. I adjusted the size to fit my samsung tablet instead of an ipad (formula can be found in the reactions of the kindle cover tutorial). I decided to add a bowtie (because bowties are cool ;) ) and since it's jeans fabric I added (iron-on) appliques to make it look a bit like jeans pants. I'm working on more (glue-on) appliques which I will add soon.
It was a hell of a job because I had to redo a long seam (not that comfortable with the sewing machine yet and not at all with the zipper foot)....twice... but luckily the thing turned out beautiful!


Tablet Book Cover

Tablet Book Cover

Don't judge a book by it's cover!

♥ 13
Harry Potter Kindle Cover

Harry Potter Kindle Cover

Cover your e-reader with your favorite book's sleeve!

♥ 7
Ipad Cover Made Out Of Plastic Bag Yarn

Ipad Cover Made Out Of Plastic Bag Yarn

Ipad cover from plastic bag yarn.

♥ 0
Kindle Cover

Kindle Cover

stops it form getting scratched!

♥ 34
Hand Made E Reader Cover

Hand Made E Reader Cover

A cover for my nook, but the steps will work to make a cover for any eReader.

♥ 4
New Case For My Kobo Ereader

New Case For My Kobo Ereader

Leather A-frame self-standing case

♥ 1



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