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Tablet Card
Tablet Cover
Wonderland Cake
My own, cheap, fully customizable tablet cover!

I made this cover following the tutorial made by the wonderful chica and jo. I adjusted the size to fit my samsung tablet instead of an ipad (formula can be found in the reactions of the kindle cover tutorial). I decided to add a bowtie (because bowties are cool ;) ) and since it's jeans fabric I added (iron-on) appliques to make it look a bit like jeans pants. I'm working on more (glue-on) appliques which I will add soon.
It was a hell of a job because I had to redo a long seam (not that comfortable with the sewing machine yet and not at all with the zipper foot)....twice... but luckily the thing turned out beautiful!

Knitted I Pad Pattern

Knitted I Pad Pattern

Chunky Wool iPad cover

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Kindle Fire Cover

Kindle Fire Cover

a quick diy kindle cover

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Tablet Tote Bag

Tablet Tote Bag

Create your own tote bag for your tablet.

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New Case For My Kobo Ereader

New Case For My Kobo Ereader

Leather A-frame self-standing case

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Hand Made E Reader Cover

Hand Made E Reader Cover

A cover for my nook, but the steps will work to make a cover for any eReader.

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Felt Tablet Case

Felt Tablet Case

Dress Your Tech

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