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Berlin, Berlin, Germany
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it takes quite a lot of time, but it is worth the effort ^^

I think this trend is kind of old and lots of you guys may already know about it, but I didn't. In fact I read about it today for the first time, and immediatly had to make it!
My left hand aches from working 7 hours straight on the shirt, but I was determined to finish this today.
And the best thing?
It goes great with my new thrifted blazer =)


Shredded T Shirt Recon

Shredded T Shirt Recon

Learn an awesome new technique for customising you clothing!

♥ 180
Demon Wing T Shirt

Demon Wing T Shirt

Cute gothy t-shirt, dead simple to make.

♥ 62
Spider Ribbon Shirt

Spider Ribbon Shirt

for this you needn t to be good at sewing

♥ 260
Peace T Shirt

Peace T Shirt

tear it up yourself!

♥ 65



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