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About this project

easy but nice and girly dress you can make in less then 2 hours

A dress I made for Ne Year's Eve party.
I used an old skirt made of elastic jeans to make the top and white organza for the bottom. there are 3 layers of it, each longer then the one over it. each one is also decorated with a ribbon. In the waist there's a belt made out of red wide elastic (it had to be put there because it came out to big for me in that area).

Soon I'll make some more similar ones and then prepare a tutorial!



Eezy Peezy Strapless Dress!

Eezy Peezy Strapless Dress!

Got some gorgeous material, but not a clue how to wear it? Simples ;)

♥ 185
Cute Tube Dress

Cute Tube Dress

really simple, cute dress that can be formal or casual :)

♥ 75
Cute And Easy Strapless Summer Dress

Cute And Easy Strapless Summer Dress

My first ever dress, and tutorial :) Hope you like it.

♥ 171
Le Sac Dress

Le Sac Dress

Like a million dresses in one !! lol

♥ 453
Green Peplum Dress

Green Peplum Dress

Fall/winter party dress

♥ 10
Pillow Case Dress

Pillow Case Dress

Need a dress, the night before an event!? Here is a quick and classy looking way there!

♥ 51



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