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Pretty Easy

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Vilnius, Europe, Lithuania
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Made from a simple long sleeve shirt and some eyelet lace

Well, I made this from a LS shirt I had. What I did:
I I gathered and sewed the eyelet lace around the neck and around the end of sleeves. I made it double on sleeves. Then I added ribbon threading lace on top and threaded it with black ribbon.
That's a first cutsew I made. I hope to get better on this :)



Easy To Sew Top

Easy To Sew Top

This top is pretty much a simple as sewing gets!

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Flutter Sleeve Peasant Top

Flutter Sleeve Peasant Top

A T-shirt Refashion

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Lolita Cutsew

Lolita Cutsew

make a recycled lolita cutsew which can be worn many different ways ^^

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Easy 3 Steps To A 3 Way Shirt!

Easy 3 Steps To A 3 Way Shirt!

Make a very cute going out blouse that everyone will wonder where you got it from :D

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Pajama Top Transformation

Pajama Top Transformation


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The Portrait Blouse

The Portrait Blouse

Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing

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