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The big guy from Angry Birds

I roughly followed the instructions here:

The little guy wanted to be the pig for Halloween... And I could not justify spending $50 dollars on something he would only wear once and that I could make cheaper. So a few hours and about 20 bucks later-- This is what I got!



  • Step 1

    Go out and Buy your fabric, stuffing, felt and thread.
    (color depends on what bird/pig you are doing)

  • Step 2

    Fold your Fleece in half and draw the shape of the pig/bird you want to be.

    Do the same on the sheet/muslin
    (i used an old sheet)

  • Step 3

    cut out the shapes!

  • Step 4

    here is where i sewed the face onto the front circle. I used fleece for the snout and the ears and then felt for everything else. if you are just going to glue them on you can wait to the end if you would like.

  • Step 5

    next-- i sewed around the edges of the circles... leaving an open spot about 8-12 inches on the top.

    do NOT attach the circles yet!

  • Step 6

    trace a circle on the inside of the front-- i used the cover of iced tea mix, lol.. but you could use anything... a cereal bowl or a hat. anything circular will work :P also-- you are going to want to make shapes for your arms to stick out of. I used circles (i traced the inside of a duct tape roll-- but i also made this for a 2 year old :P the blog i referred to recommends you cut slits about 7 or 8 inches long)

  • Step 7

    now you want to sew around the shapes that you just made... then cut out the inside! this is where your face and hands will go :)

    you can also make this look more professional by stitching the rough edges down, which i haven't had the chance to do.

  • Step 8

    now! the fun part!
    Stuff the front circle with poly-fill stuffing! if you don't have any-- you can cut up some old pillows :)
    (i actually didn't buy enough so i cut up two old pillows)

    you can stuff the back as well.. and it would look nice! but i didn't. I think he would have been crushed between the two sides :P and it would be very very hot.

  • Step 9

    now its time to sew the sides together!!
    i swayed away from the reference on this part as well because I didn't want to be able to see the seam.

    I put the two circles (facing each other) together and sewed around them leaving about 1/4 of the circles undone so it would be easy to put on and take off.

    This part will be a little difficult-- because the stuffing makes the fabric a little hard to move around.

    I also added the ears and crown here so they were attached nicely. if you want to do the same, just lay them down (facing the front) before you sew. that way when you reveal your final product, they are going up :)

  • Step 10

    NOW! finally! just turn your pig/bird right side out :) you will be able to put it on and dance around or do what ever it is you want to do :P

    My son doesn't want to take it off, lol.

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you can call me Kiwi <3
you can call me Kiwi <3 · 3 projects
Aww! Thank you! :*
I can only hope that I am as good a mommy as you once my daughter gets old enough to ask for pricey costumes.
you can call me Kiwi <3
you can call me Kiwi <3 · 3 projects
Thank you! I think I might make costumes for me and my hubby as well.. Maybe two of the birds Tongue
HotPinkCrayola · Holmfirth, England, GB · 97 projects
Wow - there are no words for the epicness Happy

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