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Frankfurt, Hesse, DE
Cute Little Starbrooch ^^
Big Hallo Kitty Wall Stamp/Recycle Your Stuff!!!
Super Cute Pink/Turquoise Skelleton Necklace
Skull Heart Brooch
I just wanted to use some of my chrochet flowers I had at home..

I just wanted to use some of my chrochet flowers I had at home.. and so I thought they would be great Hair Accessories.
But I love all kind of kitsch&cute stuff and I´m a huge fan of Pixel-Art with hama beans and so I decided to put this together to create some new cute bobby pins ;) Hope you like my Ideas..If you haven´t got own ideas for Hama bean figures or don´t like to use them you can also take some fimo (polymer clay) figures. But you definetely find some hama bean figures in other projects.. ;)

Hope my english isn´t to bad ^^ If there are any questions I try to help you guys.. ;)

Diy Gold Twig Hair Pins

Diy Gold Twig Hair Pins

Accessories from nature.

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Flowery Hairpins!

Flowery Hairpins!

Like daises in your hair, but more glamorous and long-lasting!

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Diy Painted Bobby Pins

Diy Painted Bobby Pins

Create unique hair pins with little effort and a little nail polish!

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Jeweled Hair Pins

Jeweled Hair Pins

Snappy bobby pins to go with any outfit, providing they make jems in that color! :D

♥ 22
Pretty Bobby Pins

Pretty Bobby Pins

Super duper easy...

♥ 13
Rainbow Sewing Pin

Rainbow Sewing Pin

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sooo cute Happy


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