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my favourite necklace in fall colours

The wooden dove/holy spirit was from a belgian monastery - a travel gift from my father. Pretty but quite useless, since it came with a long acrylic thong, so I decided to find some beads in my collection that make a good combination with its deep-red colour. Since then, is my favourite necklace and I always take compliments when I wear it!

Make A Stunning Crystal Necklace In A Super Easy Way

Make A Stunning Crystal Necklace In A Super Easy Way

Make a stunning crystal necklace in a super easy way

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Clay Locket

Clay Locket

Perfect for gifts!

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Diy Statement Necklace

Diy Statement Necklace

I love all things trendy and statement necklaces are no exception. What better way to rock such a huge fun necklace than on a special occasion.

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Hot Air Balloon Necklace

Hot Air Balloon Necklace

A super simple necklace that looks amazing

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Goldfish Bowl Pendant

Goldfish Bowl Pendant

A cute goldfish bowl accessory!

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My Crystal

My Crystal

The very Crystal from my dreams

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Chelli B.
Chelli B. · Līhuʻe, Hawaii, us

your necklace is really pretty.


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