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Adjustable Rings

Adjustable rings made from leftover fabric

♥ 0
Teapot Stud Ear Rings

tiny earrings inspired by alice in wonderland

♥ 1
Fimo Cupcake Bracelet


♥ 0
Thread Wrapped Bracelets

Colorful and trendy bracelets

♥ 8
Basic Bracelet Tutorial


♥ 0
Diy Bead Bracelet

Delicate Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

♥ 13
Easy Baked Marbles

No you can't eat them, but you can wear them!

♥ 18
Cheap Origami Owl Locket

♥ 2
Clay Cookie Ring

♥ 1
Braided Chain Bracelet

A Colorful Double-Wrap Bracelet DIY

♥ 26
Tutorial : How To Make A Diy Ombré Statement Necklace

The perfect Statement Necklace for all the Ombré lovers like me! :P

♥ 1
Easy Beads And Chain Earrings

Very easy to make earrings!

♥ 1
Handcrafted Bracelet

Have some left over leather from our previous project? Make a bracelet!

♥ 3
Origami Star Necklace

Washi Wonderful

♥ 48
Thread Wrapped Wooden Bangle

DIY your own thread-wrapped wooden bangle with embroidery thread, and double sided tape

♥ 2
A 10 Minute Bracelet

Add some edge to your outfit with this studded bracelet!

♥ 7
Diy Cool Ring

A cute ring

♥ 0
8 Bit Minecraft Hearts Hama Bead Necklace

Hey! Be careful with that sword! I've only got one and a half hearts left!

♥ 2
Tagua Bead Earrings

Make a pair of colourful Tagua Bead earrings

♥ 0
Studz To Pinz

Another way to make Pinz

♥ 0
Chain Cord Bracelet

Layer up your arm party with this bracelet!

♥ 9
Diy Lace Collar

To make your outfits always slightly different whilst being on a budget

♥ 0
Penguin Locket

♥ 3
Web Brooch

Pewter Jewellery

♥ 10
Mixed Media Crochet: Festoon Pendant

Lacy gear for the neck..

♥ 10
Dinosaur Earrings

♥ 1
Antique Silver Ring

a pretty ring made from an antique spoon

♥ 38
Bottle Cap Locket

♥ 5
Sailor Moon Charm

♥ 0
Soon Raccoon Cupcake Charms

soooooon..... :D Happy Anniversary to the Brain Scoop!!

♥ 1
Dreamcatcher Earrings

Cheap and stylish!

♥ 7
Ankh Pendant

♥ 0
Chaotic Red

♥ 0
Diy State Necklace

Wear your state on your neck!

♥ 2
Chocolate Chip Cookie Ring


♥ 3
Tatted Jewelry

♥ 0
Bookshelf Pendent

♥ 5
Wire Name Pendant

♥ 0
Geometric Pendant Diy

Make your own geometric pendants from polymer clay.

♥ 27
Diy Arm Chain

Perfect for festivals and concerts!

♥ 4
Charm Bracelet Diy

Turn heads with this fun new take on a charm bracelet.

♥ 26
Squirrel Pins

Sew these cute little squirrel pins from scraps of felt

♥ 39
Mollie Makes: Fox Pins

♥ 3
Bangles With Charms

♥ 1
The Fault In Our Stars Necklace

necklace, okay okay, fandom, air clay

♥ 35
Clay Heart Drop Necklace

DIY Drop Necklace

♥ 1
Hot Glue Necklace

Hot glue for making jewellery? Why not?

♥ 0
Gold Bow Ring

why not make this cute bow ring!

♥ 5
Curved Bead Cord Bracelet

A super simple bracelet to make!

♥ 4
Janhavi Style Necklace

Funky Necklace For New Look!

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