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Delicate Chain Rings

Make a chain ring in 15 minutes or less!

♥ 10
Swirl Wrapped Bead Ring

More Swirls!

♥ 6
Handpainted Pendants

♥ 2
Chanel Inspired Giant Pearl Bracelet

A fun and affordable take on Chanel's Spring 2014 collection of baubles!

♥ 6
Swirly Beaded Wire Ring

Beads and Swirls!

♥ 6
Vinyl Tube Bracelet

Studs & Pearls

♥ 0
Bamboo Trivet Jewelry

Use beaded bamboo trivets to make spring's hottest jewelry trend!

♥ 1
6-Swirls Wire Ring

Swirly jewelleries!

♥ 9
Heart Earrings

heart polkadot earrings

♥ 1
Swirly Double Heart Ring

D.I.Y. Wire Ring

♥ 3
Swirl Wrapped Bead Bracelet

Fun with beads and wire!

♥ 21
Doctor Who, Gallifrey Earrings

Doctor Who Earrings DIY

♥ 8
Couture Cardboard Cuffs

Couture Cardboard Cuffs

♥ 1
Toy Car Necklace Diy

You'll be rarin' to go in no time with this super easy DIY

♥ 9
Wire Wrapped Button Ring

Turn some of those lovely buttons you've been hoarding into rings!

♥ 11
Tassel Bracelet

Don't cut those cords- turn them into a tassel!

♥ 6
Blue Öyster Cult Pendant

Don't fear the reaper... join the Congregation!

♥ 2
Charmed Key Necklace

A little wirework makes a charming necklace!

♥ 19
Lace Peter Pan Collar

so dainty!

♥ 3
Relay For Life Cupcake Charms

Cupcakes for less cancer!

♥ 1
Beads And Buttons Necklace

a bit of whimsy and nostalgia to wear around your neck!

♥ 16
Diy Convertible Bracelet/Necklace

DIY Convertible Bracelet/Necklace

♥ 1
Spring Action Bangles

Make yourself a bangle that won't fall off your wrist!

♥ 13
Little Bottle Necklace

♥ 1
Easy Button Earrings

Turn some buttons into easy peasy earrings!

♥ 33
The Mighty Boosh Earrings

Come with us now on a journey through time and space

♥ 0
Make A Button Brooch

With a few simple items, make a sweet brooch to dress up any outfit.

♥ 22
Add A Ribbon To It!

Add a Ribbon to it!

♥ 0
Hamsa Bracelet

♥ 1
Upcycled Bracelet

♥ 0
Plastic Bottle Cuffs

Plastic Bottle Cuff Tutorial

♥ 9
Let Go Leather Wrapped Stamped Metal Bracelet

Create your own stamped message for this simple leather wrapped bracelet.

♥ 7
Citrine And Gold

♥ 0
Glass Bead Mosaic Ring

Mosaic tile look ring.

♥ 15
Upcycled Necktie Brooch

Upcycled Necktie Flower Brooch Tutorial

♥ 4
Simple Double Heart Ring

Easy to make wire heart ring

♥ 5
Budding Cufflinks

make a pair feminine cufflinks for yourself in minutes...

♥ 0
Dyed Fabric Boho Bangles

Revamp your old bangles with a little fabric and dye this summer!

♥ 7
Geometric Necklace From Upcycled Gift Cards

Take those old giftcards and turn them into geometric jewelry.

♥ 9
Keyhole Chain Link

Steampunk Jewellery

♥ 7
Cute Pinz

Cute as a Button!

♥ 4
Httyd / Dreamworks: Dragons Dragon Training Academy Pendant

This is for all the dragon training vikings out there...

♥ 5
Recycled Buckle Necklace

Recycle an old belt buckle into a beautiful statement necklace

♥ 32
Shrunken Skeleton Earrings

Turn a human skeleton drawing into shrink plastic skeleton earrings

♥ 21
Pikachu Felt Brooch

Multi-purpose felt pikachu pattern.

♥ 0
Spike Rings

These spike rings are a easy way to add a little toughness to your jewelry.

♥ 0
Lego Knuckle Duster

Make a ring that will knock the blocks right out of someone!

♥ 5
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