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Cross Necklaces

♥ 0
Geode Necklace

♥ 0
Turtle Necklace

♥ 1
Woven Bow Charm

Attach the bows EVERYWHERE!

♥ 35
Musical Nodes Ear Cuffs

musical ear cuffs by just folding wire in simple steps

♥ 10
Flower Necklace

♥ 0
I Cord Bracelets

a knitted version of summer friendship bracelets!

♥ 7
Wirework Key

When you're feeling down, make a key. Said no one ever. Except for me!

♥ 64
Spider Web Choker

♥ 1
Silver And Green Choker

♥ 0
Simple Seed Beads Bracelet

Turn some extra seed beads into a fun fashion statement!

♥ 6
Weathered Wood Bangles

Weathered Wood Bangles

♥ 0
Celtic Butterfly Pendant

A mini butterfly to grace your lovely neck..

♥ 75
Angel And Demon Wings Pendant

Everyone has a light and dark side...

♥ 88
Gold Earrings

Make gold earrings out of Sculpey & a bit of free time.

♥ 0
How To Teach Old Pearls New Tricks

Create fun beachy jewelry using stuffy thrift store pearls!

♥ 11
Dragonfly Pendant

D.I.Y wire dragonfly pendant

♥ 26
Wire Star Bracelet

A chain of stars upon your wrist...

♥ 22
Bow Necklace

Knitting Smitten

♥ 13
Gold Arrow Necklace

Simple DIY necklace in stunning gold

♥ 10
Rain Cloud Lariat

A mini rain cloud to adorn your graceful neck...

♥ 15
Simple Wire Wrapped Earrings

Easy to make, simple bead earrings

♥ 15
[Diy] Folkloric Braid Necklace

Learn how to make a folkloric braid necklace

♥ 36
DIY Ribbon Bow Necklace

A cheap, easy and stylish jewelry project with fabric stiffener.

♥ 29
Swirly Heart Studs

Easy to make stud earrings

♥ 13
Plaroid Necklace

picture necklace

♥ 3
Crocheted Bracelet/Necklace Clasp

An Easy Way to End Your Crocheting

♥ 1
Traveling Library Ring

book ring

♥ 9
Bead Wrapped Pendant

birds nest pendant... modified!

♥ 4
Diy Geometric "Diamond" Necklace

A cheaper way to wear a big diamond!

♥ 15
Labradorite, Rhodochrosite And Irish Linen Cord Earrings

Labradorite, Rhodochriste and Irish Linen Cord Earrings

♥ 0
Candy Jewelry Diy

Candy Jewelry that looks good enough to eat!

♥ 5
Swirly Tree Of Life Pendant

Fun with swirls!

♥ 21
Swirly Wire Bracelet


♥ 40
Butterfly Bookmark/Pendant

A duel-function butterfly to satisfy your bookmark needs..

♥ 11
Treble Clef Ring

♥ 10
Wire Beaded Bracelet

D.I.Y. Beaded Bracelet

♥ 0
Square Earrings

♥ 0
Wire Wrapped Bead Studs

Cute and Easy Earrings!

♥ 11
Clay Pretzel Necklace

Put a pretzel on it!

♥ 7
Diy Galaxy Necklace

Make a galaxy necklace with just a few supplies.

♥ 51
Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Coin Bracelet

Get the designer look for less with this easy DIY!

♥ 3
Love Bug Pins

Love Bugs, anyone?

♥ 44
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