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Version This project is a version of Zipper Bracelet by Rae

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Pretty Easy

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Limburg, Limburg, Netherlands
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Based on Zipper Bracelet by Rae

The original was so inspiring I had to make my own!
After cutting the cloth away I used a lighter to trim up the edges close to the zippers and I myself ended up using a tiny drill bit to put the rings through to hold the lobster clasp. I added charms and Presto... a couple real cool bracelets that people seem to really like.

Zip Bracelet

Zip Bracelet

An easy to make, pretty use for scraps.

♥ 14
Say What? Zipper Me Bad ;D

Say What? Zipper Me Bad ;D

totallllllllly not the same as these other zipper bracelets totally messed that up!

♥ 0
Flower Zipper Bracelet

Flower Zipper Bracelet

flower powerrrrr!

♥ 22
Zipper Bracelet

Zipper Bracelet

Like Viktor & Rolf

♥ 38
Zipper Bracelet

Zipper Bracelet

zipper, accessories, jewelry,

♥ 37
Zipper Bracelet

Zipper Bracelet

zipper bracelet

♥ 15



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