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A real looking couch for your kitties!

Cat beds always seem so expensive so I decided to make my own. I love the ones that look like real couches, so that's where the design came from. The couch is made completly of cardboard, put together with duct tape. I didn't have to buy anything since I had everything on hand. So far my cats have been to busy to sleep on their new couch, but hopefully they will love it as much as I do.


Cat Bed

Cat Bed

Twiggy makes her bed... and then she lies in it

♥ 27
Cat Nest

Cat Nest

Spoil your kitty with a cozy, private bed.

♥ 30
Sock Cat Bed

Sock Cat Bed

How I stopped my sock thief

♥ 17
Cat Hammock

Cat Hammock

Kitty need a place all to herself to snuggle?

♥ 67
Pet Bed

Pet Bed

Crafting with Wood Pallets

♥ 1
Cat Bed From Large Long Sleeved T Shirt

Cat Bed From Large Long Sleeved T Shirt

Cat bed

♥ 3


Helen S.
Helen S.
Where are the instructions??????????
Edie S.
Edie S. · Phoenix, Arizona, US · 3 projects
I would love to get a pattern for this cat couch, it is adorable. I kinda have an idea how you made it but not sure. If you do a how to that would be awesome. I looked at the zebra one, it is not quite like yours. Yours looks soooo comfy!
Tessel D.
Tessel D. · The Hague, South Holland, NL · 1 project
Could you please give me an idea of what the pattern looks like (using paint or something), or the separate pieces? Also, how did you sew everything together? And could you please send me those tips? Because I'm adopting a kitten and she'll be arriving in four weeks. Sorry I'm asking so many questions, I'm just so excited!
cupcake gangster
cupcake gangster · 64 projects
i hope you do a how to! this is so great!!!
i think more people would love to have this little couch in their house than those stupid round cat beds like in the stores!
Kristine · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 14 projects
Jet H.
I sent you a comment on your profile about some tips to help you out, but their is also this great how-to that I found. It's not the same design, but it is made from cardboard.

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow i love this, the way it looks but too that you have made it of cardboard, and then the cozy comfy look. Awesome!!!
i like to make one too for my own cats, i understand it completly why they must fight for the best place , i would like that too when i was your cat.LOL
Can you give me some hints to make this cat couch too?
thanks anyway for sharing this.;-D xxx

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