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Greater Manchester, England, GB
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red riding hood's outfit is completed by a wolf-skin hat

I wanted to make my red riding hood costume I bit more Halloween-appropriate so instead of the huntsman saving the day I thought Little Red could be the blood thirsty heroine...! I added a handmade felt wolf 'head' to a reasonably cheap fur hat. Topped off with a fake blood clay brooch, I think it'll go nicely with my red cape!




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  1. 1

    Design a template for your wolfs head. I based mine on an i-pad sleeve I found online by boutiqueID. Cut out the paper templates and place on felt. Cut out your felt pieces.

  2. 2

    I stuffed the nose and upper head of my wolf with old tights, and as I stiched it together I attached the side 'whiskers' and fangs.

  3. 3

    I glued on the eyes and eyebrows,and then attached to the hat with safety pins. For the ears I repeated the steps above, and attached to the top of the hat with safety pins...!

  4. 4

    For the blood splatter brooch I moulded red modelling clay into a splodge shape and then created tear drop shapes. Make sure you make a holes with a needle in the main shape (to attach a safety pin and to attach the drops) and make a hole in each of the little drops. Bake in the oven and then string together with invisible wire when cooled.

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