Hello and thanks for passing by!

I've always been interested in crafts, and my two younger sisters to this day still like to bring up the fact that I'd try and persuade them to join my 'arts and crafts club' at home when we were growing up. They never did, preferring to play with their Barbies instead!!

Anyway, enough about my geeky childhood!

I love fashion, clothes, accessories, glittery and sparkly things, vintage finds and fabulous old brooches.

My favourite 'girly' programmes are:

Gossip Girl (by FAR my favourite)
Ugly Betty (SO sad it finished)
Mistresses (British programme)

I love:

-Everything to do with birds, especially hummingbirds, flamingos and parrots!
-Nautical things
-Stripes (stems from the nautical theme I bet)
-The colours coral, purple, turquoise, pink, red, gold, navy, jewel colours and bright colours. I don't really like: brown, grey boring colours in clothes but I do like them in accessories!
-Beads and would like to learn beading one day.
-Chunky jewellery
-Leather handbags
-Pearls <3
-Buttons, especially gold and brass ones (does anyone else LOVE finding odd buttons on the floor!?)
-Daffodils and frangipanis

I collect:

-Vintage brooches
-Tiffany charms (I'm not expecting one of these in a swap BTW!)
-Pretty postcards
-Vintage jewellery
-Teacups and saucers


-Newbie vs Vet (Newbie) with Pammerz (completed)
-Hair accessories swap with TiffanyNoelle (in progress)

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Libby W.
Libby W. · Whitehaven, England, GB · 86 projects
I've only signed up for 1 swap so far- the veteran vs. newbie swap, I'm waiting to be partnered. I've been looking at all the pics of swaps on the boards and they all look beautiful. I'm a bit nervous that when I get my person I won't know what to make for them! Its really good idea those as I love surprises. I can never stop myself from buying lucky dip bags, cause the not knowing what you are gonna get is the best bit. x
Libby W.
Libby W. · Whitehaven, England, GB · 86 projects
Hey Sadie! Thanks for the friend request. How long have been in NZ? You like it? It can be quite hard uprooting yourself and moving around. I've felt quite nomadic the last couple of years, but I'm starting to settle in Worcester.

I absolutely love CO + K! I can't believe I didn't join it earlier. Everyone is so creative and generous its a great community! x
Princess Pam-attitude
Princess Pam-attitude · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 332 projects
Hey sadie! I did arrive last night! I put up pic on the swap board to show off everything! I thought I sent you a message too but my phone was being a pain while I was using it on the site Grr. Anyway I looooved everything. Such cute things. The cupcakes were amazing, I was wearing a plain hot pink shirt and as soon as I saw one of the cupcakes was a pin, I put it on and it totally added some fun to outfit! It was all just so perfect! I hope that we can do another swap sometime! Ps I checked out your blog, very cool stuff on there Happy

I'm off to give you a good review on the swap Happy
Princess Pam-attitude
Princess Pam-attitude · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 332 projects
Yey! I'm so happy you like everything! I'm sure yours will arrive soon too. Cant wait to check out your blog, I always loving reading about what other creative people are up to. I always post pics of what I recive in a swap onto the swap board, to show off what they've made. Not everyone does it but its nice to see the pics. I will deff post some when I get your package, you can do it too if ya want Happy TTFN <3
Princess Pam-attitude
Princess Pam-attitude · Pocatello, Idaho, US · 332 projects
Hey Sadie! Just thought I'd stop by Happy lol I hope your package gets to you soon, I always hate the waiting part of swapping! I'm not a terribly patient person, ohhh well. Speak soon <3