Newbie Vs Vet Swap (New again)

Please do not reply to this thread, it is no longer being used. The new link is

Swapping is a great way to have a bit of a challenge to make things that might not necessarily be what you're used to. It's a lot of fun and many swaps require you to have completed this swap for you to participate, so if you haven't completed a swap yet, sign up today! =]

If you feel you are waiting too long for a vet, we apologise, we are trying. You could check out the <a href="">Happy Grams</a> or <a href="">Ongoing ATC Swap</a>, as they allow newbies to participate. Also, the vets that are currently available for swapping are listed below so if you don't want to wait for someone to message you, you can always message them.

*I update this list daily!*

Newbies currently waiting for vets:
EastCoastRainbow (Arbroath, Scotland. No international shipping)
Katie. D (Wales, UK. No international shipping)

Vets available to swap:
A vet is someone who has done at least one swap and has around 100 board posts. They have been on the site for a while and are active members

Kimmi (London, UK. International shipping)
Mary ;) (Torino, Italy. International shipping)
Michelle G (Canada. International shipping)
TiffanyNoelle (Tennessee, USA. International shipping)
Pamela (Hawaii. International shipping)
Sweet C (Chile. International shipping)
Tracy L. (Bristol, UK. No international shipping)
Cassie B. (Tennessee, USA. International shipping)
Gypsie Moon (South Carolina, USA. International shipping)
Hannah (UK. No international shipping)
Sally M. (Florida, USA. International shipping)
Monika Gottindottir (South Dakota, USA. No international shipping except to Canada)
Hayley S (UK. International shipping)
Tamara J. (UK. International shipping)
Julie G. (UK. International shipping)
Essex Debs (Washington, USA. International shipping)
AppleGrassxx (Sydney, Australia. International shipping)

Swaps in Process:
Angel Eve and Crafty Kat ?
Anya N and Kasia ?
Kiddo and Miki ?
Kiddo and Ann T. ?
Nikki H. and abbers.?
Nikki H. and Emma D.?
Cassie and Dale S.
Tamara J. and Daisy p.
Mary ;) and Bat Ma'am
Essex Debs and Nariamma S.
Mary ;) and Mel.ide.5

Postponed Swaps:
TiffanyNoelle and Melissa J.
Bindiibabe and Maria C.

I know there are probably some things that aren't right but please help me to get all the info right! Thanks guys

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I'm not waiting for a vet, Christina T. and I am swappin' it up! And I applaud your moxie!

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Okay thanks for the update!

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I am swapping with Selina G. as her vet Happy Although it should be completed soon, just waiting on package to arrive Happy

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Hey. I'd like to be added to the list as a rookie.
CO+K Name: Ashley S.
Country: Georgia, United States
Ship Internationally? Yep.

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Thanks for taking this on.Amanda T and I are still in action so I'll let you know when we're complete

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I received Tessa S's package today, and love everything in it.
Included was:
*1 flower coaster with
*matching bumble bee eraser (perfect for school)
*An over-sized book marker, perfect for huge textbooks!
*Something for V-day,(It's hanging outside my doorway)
*Cupcake fimo bracelet with magnetic clasps (functional!)
*Felt mouse stuffed with something crinkly with an adorably long bell tail.

She also included 2 postcards of her hometown for my swap book.

She did a very good job and was even cool enough to include a toy for my kitties! I am sending her package out today.

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Aww! Sign me up!
CO+K Name: Crafty Kat
Country: Derbyshire, England
Ship Internationally? Yeah, why not!

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Crafty Kat, you've been added to the list =]

We need some vets ASAP!!

I can only swap again at the end of February when I get more cash because I've used most of January's money on the other swap I'm taking part in at the moment

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For the newbies who are signing up now, here are the basic rules, etc:


How to Apply:

Simply copy/paste this questionnaire, and fill it out with your information. Your name will be added to the previous list of newbies waiting to be paired up. Vets need not fill out a form. Simply contact a person on the waiting list!

CO+K Name:
Can you ship internationally?


How It Works:

A veteran will see your name in the list and send you a message, or reply on this board. Once you sign up, please keep a look out for this message. Return to this topic often to check for updates!

Once you've been contacted your name will be scratched from the list because you won't be a newbie� anymore! Now comes the fun part! You and your partner will both make a few small items to be swapped with each other. Generally you'll make at least 3 items. They can be made from any materials, with any style you chose. Just make something nice, and send what you would like to receive. Your partner will do the same for you, sometimes sending a bit more, or even adding additional goodies for you.

After making your items, contact your partner on this thread, or by PM to let her know that you are ready to send out. Remember to always keep in contact with your partner! Even if it's just to say "hello, still working on your package", contact is always appreciated.

Unlike usual swaps where both partners send out on a specific date, the newbie sends her package first, and when it arrives, the veteran will mail her own package. (Because swapping is new for you, we'll do it this way. Sometimes new members sign up, but lose interest in the site and forget that they've committed to the swap). Some vets may send before or at the same time as their newbie though!

When you receive your package, it is customary to reply to the thread and comment on the receipt of your goodies. You can also post pictures!

After completing the newbie swap, you'll now have the confidence to join other, more specific swaps or to even start your own! Congratulations!


Specific Rules of the Newbie Swap:

*Newbies should Swap at least 3 items. It's a good idea for the Newbie to suggest 5 things she is comfortable making. Of those 5, the Vet will choose the 3 that she would like to receive. Try to keep the size and weight small to make shipping affordable.
*Newbies will be posted to a list of waiting to be paired�. A veteran will contact the newbie via board post or PM. When an agreement is made to swap, the veteran must contact me so I can scratch the name from the list.
*Sometimes a veteran may comment "whoever contacts me first will be my partner"� and then these two will be paired. (Remember to message me so I can update the list as necessary)
*The Newbie is required to send her package first. The veteran will send out once they receive from the newbie (or it can be left up to the partners to decide via PM)
*Contact must be made via PM or by board posts and various stages throughout the swap.

*Special Rule for Swap deadline Extensions:
The newbie swap is a good starting point for new members to decide whether swapping will fit into their schedules. Sometimes delays are encountered and deadlines are postponed. This is acceptable. HOWEVER, a newbie has but 2 months from the agreed upon send out date to ship her items. If she does not conform to this time line, her name will be added to the "Incomplete Swap" list (Swap Guide/End Survey) and she will be expected to complete this swap before joining another.


Happy swapping!

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CO+K Name: Hannah I
Location: Miami Beach, Fl.
Can you ship internationally? no

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Thanks for this... I really wanted to do this and was pretty bummed that the other one wouldn't let me!!

CO+K Name: Prettykittyfire
Country: UK
Ship Internationally? I can do but I'd prefer not to Happy


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I'll be doing swap with Vicky Ninja as her Vet Happy

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Please add me as a Newbie!

CO+K Name: Maria M.
Location: Torino, Italy
Can you ship internationally? Of course! Anywhere Happy

(Sorry about my avatar not showing up properly, I seem to have an issue there even though I uploaded my picture correctly... I do have a face! I hope it will show up soon!)

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I'd like to do this! Glad anew thread is up, I couldn't get my reply to post to the old one

CO+K Name: Gina s
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Can you ship internationally? of course Happy

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