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Kids Interview Bands

Cute kids + cool bands = awesome

Kids Interview Bands

We all love to read interviews with our favourite bands – that’s how we get to find out what they love, what their inspirations are, and what kind of knowledge we can take from them. Kids Interview Bands are Connie and Olivia, two young girls who have interviewed some of the biggest and scariest acts on the planet and asked them questions no adult would dare to broach! We found out what they love to do, and how they managed to get two members of Insane Clown Posse to name all of the Spice Girls.

How did you guys get started interviewing bands?

My dad was going to do an interview with Alberta Cross and he asked if we wanted to do it instead. We said, "sure". He wrote all the questions for us so it wasn't that scary to do. Then we went to the Bunbury Festival in Cincinnati and we just ran up to bands like Quiet Corral and asked if we could interview them and they said yes.

Do you think people are more open to you than they would be with older interviewers?

Yes. We ask them questions that older interviews don't ask them and they tell us that they have fun answering our questions.

How do you come up with your questions?

Connie and I have ideas for questions but sometimes we don't know how to ask them so my dad helps us out. He understands what we want to ask but then helps us write the questions so that they make sense.

Who has been your favourite band or artist to interview?

New Politics. I asked them "What was the spookiest thing to ever happen to you?" and David told me a story about how his apartment was haunted. It was a good story. And they sing some of my favorite songs so it was cool to get to interview them.

Have you ever talked to bands who were scary, or rude to you?

Not rude but we were kind of afraid to interview Insane Clown Posse but they weren't as scary as they looked.

If you could interview anyone in the world from any time in history, who would it be?

Michael Jackson and The Beatles. Maybe some day we'll get to interview Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr, that would be really cool.

What kind of music do you like?

Imagine Dragons, Christina Perri and Phillip Phillips. I listen to Pandora a lot. Some of the channels I have are "Alternative" and "Today's Hits".

Why do you like to ask questions about the Spice Girls?

When we interviewed Alberta Cross, we asked them "what bands do you wish were playing at Bunbury?" One of their answers was "The Spice Girls" but we didn't know who that was. Our dads thought it was funny that we didn't know them and Terry from Alberta Cross said, "I am such an old geezer" because we didn't know what he talking about. Our dads thought it would be funny if the last question in every interview was about the Spice Girls.

Would you like to do interviews with other people, like movie stars or athletes?

Yeah. Both. I think it would be fun to interview other people besides bands.

What would you like to do when you're older?

I'd like to play professional soccer. I like to take pictures so maybe I'd like to be a photographer. I like designing houses on SIMS so maybe I'd like to be an interior designer. Right now I'm just thinking what classes I'm going to take in 8th grade.

Thank you so much to Connie and Olivia, as well as Olivia's awesome dad Chip! You can watch all of their interviews on their website Kids Interview Bands, and we seriously recommend you do.


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