Snippets Issue 30 : The Cuteness Issue

Rap & Tap-Dance

How to Rap & Tap-Dance (A Beginner’s Guide)

Rap & Tap-Dance

By Xania

Step One:

*Note: This step only applies to living animals.
If you are a rock, a tree ot a zombie, please proceed to step two.

Rappers are just poets with more bling.  So shake off your wimpyness and write down some rhymes.

What do you want to say?
Spit it out with confidence and you’ll make the player haters swoon.

If you don’t have tap-shoes, simply duct-tape some bottle-caps to your feet.
Listen to your heart and stomp to the beat.

Xania raps & tap-dances on her new album, available at bandcamp and you can check out her website for more info »


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