Snippets Issue 30 : The Cuteness Issue

HeX Potions

Make your lips kissable by winning a lip balm from Hex Potions.

HeX Potions

By Snippets

Contest closes: November 15th

Congratulations to Laura and SugarNSpiceLily.

Here's some more info about Marie and HeX Potions:

You can find out more about Marie on her blog, and pick up a potion from her website or Etsy shop.


The young Axl Rose lol that boy was fine:-P
Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to trying the balm out! I really needed a new one! Maybe I'll even review it on my blog? Hmm...
Bill Murray lol
Jared Leto, all day, all night.
My future husband.
Now, if only I can just find the right guy first...
My future husband.
Now, if only I can just find the right guy first...
My future husband.
Now, if only I can just find the right guy first...
My future husband.
Now, if only I can just find the right guy first...
My future husband.
Now, if only I can just find the right guy first...
I want to kiss my cousin. She is at that age where its embarrassing and I would love to see the look on her face.
I need the Hex potion lip balm so i may kiss the frog so i can get my prince Happy
Bit of a weird one, but id like to kiss jessica Alba as she's my inspiration, especially her role in the sci-fi series "dark angel". Its rare for main characters to suffer from seizures & as a fellow sufferer i know that it can sometimes be a struggle to stay strong.
I want to have perfect lips when I found my only true love!
...brad pitt everyday of the week'n'twice on a sunday jst coz he's gorgeous...
I want to kiss my husband for the rest of my life. After being together 15 years (married for 5) The mere sight of him still make my heart go all a flutter.
I want to kiss my boyfriend's soul.
Forget my last comment I want to kiss my new boyfriend. <3
All my friends that still live in Italy and that I rarely meet
I'm 14 and I don't have anyone to kiss, but I still want HeX
my greek best friend Katerina because she's leaving Germany in two days! gonna miss my partner in work and crime so badly!!
Christina Hendricks, the actress that played Joan on Mad Men. I have never seen anyone in real life that beautiful, and often fantasize of smooching her.

P.S. I'm so glad you say "lightning bugs". After moving north people have made fun of me for this, saying you can only call them fireflies lol.
I would give a kiss to my wonderful grandpa, who is sweet and kind and loves his granddaughters Happy
Hex Potion lip balm would be awesome to have to give lots and lots of kisses for my amazing wife and then well (pause) if she wasn't looking maybe kiss wwe superstar Aj Lee. ~SMILES~
I would love to give one last kiss to the man that gave everything for my family. A man that was like a farther to me when he didn't have too and made the most wonderful impact in my life; my grandpapa may be rest in peace, boy do I miss him so.
I would like to kiss my son that I have not seen for almost 20 years and miss every day
I've been with my boyfriend for over 5 years now. He has always teased me for being the one to make a move and kiss him on our first date. I'd like to take him by surprise and kiss him like it was the first time again.
I can never have enough lip balm around so I can keep my lips soft as I kiss my wonderful husband!
I would like to kiss my long distance boyfriend next time I see him!
I think I need a Hex Potion lip balm as my lips are getting sore from snogging my hubby's face off! We have been together for 15 years so some lip TLC is in order Happy

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