Snippets Issue 3 : The Comic Book Issue

Beauty Tips

Burlesque star Cat Aclysmic shares her beauty secrets.

Beauty Tips

Make-up Tips

It's important to start out on a blank canvas. After moisturizing, dab concealer on using a brush or the tip of your finger. Tap rather than rub for a streak-free finish and only use it on dark, red or blemished areas. With your foundation do not forget to extend it past your jawline and into the neck area. If you don't and there's any difference between your foundation and your skin tone, you risk being like the unfortunate girl in my secondary school that was nicknamed 'The Mask.' Not pretty.For true retro glamour, you can't beat liquid eyeliner. If you aren't an old pro (at this point I could create an even line while juggling, balancing on one foot and on fire... I should make that into an act!) marking out the line with a kohl pencil in a dark colour first will help. Remember to flick it up past where your eye ends. Pointing the flick at the point where your eyebrow ends usually works well. Plucking underneath your eyebrows and lightly pencilling them into a gentle tapering arch creates a refined, dramatic look - but go easy on the eyebrow pencil or you will look like Burt from Sesame Street! Line your lips, fill them in, blot, fill them in again and blot again for long wearing colour and lastly, loose powder over the face, neck and bust sets the look and keeps your look from outshining your charms as the night goes on.

Hair and Clothing

With hair and clothing I always prefer movement. Short dresses that flare and swing when you dance, long hair that moves with you: these are the things that never go out of fashion. Hair combs are fantastic accessories if you want the retro look. Backcombing and hairspray are your best friends. With corsets always go for the best: steel boned and sized a few inches smaller than your real waist. Good shops will measure you if you aren't sure. Pay attention to detail: seamed stockings, nice underwear sets, sparkly jewellery - the little things make or break an outfit. Finally remember if you can't dance in it there's no point wearing it and if you feel good in it, you'll look good in it. Dressing up is about fun - so have fun, girls!
You can find out more about Cat Aclysmic on her myspace. Photo credits to RWP Photography.


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