Snippets Issue 3 : The Comic Book Issue

Naomi Nowak

Artist Naomi Nowak discusses her fairytale artwork.

Naomi Nowak

By Naomi Nowak

painting by naomi nowak

I spend my days looking at rooftops, growing my hair like Rapunzel and painting in the meantime. I'm hopelessly attracted to everything pretty but I strive to please eyes and brain together in my work - catch like a moth to the flame but keep nearby with little hints, a gleam in the eye, something not right. I explore what ever is important to me, dynamics of relationships as well as shades of colours or twists of leaves. And sex - but most of the time not very bluntly. When I'm not painting I draw comics. Nothing is more satisfying than a drawn out art process, something that takes many months to finish, something to live within for a while.

painting by naomi nowak

I have a mixed background but grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. I spent all my childhood doing arts and crafts but gave it up in favour of being a very silly teenage girl. At 16 I knew something was missing, picked up the paintbrush again and haven't put it down for six years. So far I've had a graphic novel published ("Unholy Kinship" - the next one is coming up in september 2007), and have my work shown in Europe and the US.

painting by naomi nowak painting by naomi nowak

Discover more of Naomi Nowak's beautiful work on her website.


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