Snippets Issue 22 : The Winter Issue

Winter Wonderland Contest

Win a set of Ghost Nest knobs with your design inside in our Winter Wonderland contest!

Winter Wonderland Contest

By Ghost Nest

Ghost Nest loves the holidays, and we want to help you decorate for them by giving you the chance to design some of our knobs – we’ll embed whatever design, picture, or drawing you want inside of our knobs if you win.

The icy cold of November, December and January is synonymous with the holiday time. Bring that chilly sensation to life through a design, picture, or drawing, – a gorgeous snowflake, hipster snowman, Mr. Winter himself, the choice is yours.

How to enter:

To enter leave a comment below and submit a design, picture, or drawing that you think embodies the “Winter Wonderland” theme for our contest. For extra credit, tell us how you’re going to use our knobs (for example, a holiday coat rack OR kitchen cabinets) – unique ideas will set you apart.

FIRST PRIZE: 15 customized knobs.
SECOND PRIZE: 10 customized knobs.
THIRD PRIZE: 5 customized knobs

Congratulations to our winners:
First place: Adrienne M.
Second place: Darlene F.
Third place: kali

You can design and order your own knobs at Ghost Nest.


I have collected a lot of old knobs and used them in many ways, my grankids and I made paper mache trinket boxes and used some on the lids, we also made room dividers and used some on them at the top of the legs and plain ones at the bottom. I redid my dresser, desk and hutch and used some there and of course the towel rack in the bathroom and magnets for the kitchen. I also make jewelry and I really think these would make a great focal point and there is always the macramé wall hanging or wow hang a picture, gosh I need to stop or my comment will become a book, lol. I chose my picture because of the way the wolf runs free thru the snow and the natives were in touch with the seasons and to me this reminded me of the first snow when you step outside to the silence of the winter...the winter wonderland. Have a blessed holiday season, veronica
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Wow Adrienne M. your picture is WONDERFUL!!!! It really does look like a winter wonderland
This is such a great idea! My plan for these knobs would be to screw a few of them onto a board and make them into Jewelry hangers or fancy pattern hangers for my sewing studio!
Small dsc 0267 1294718821
I wish I could partake.

Those are nice knobs.

I do not celebrate the holidays.

Oh well I will find a contest I can do, LOL
OMG! It`s Fantastic!!!!!Happy
Ideal idea! I love it! :*
We built our house in 1983 when I was 32 (yes, I'm and this house really does need new knobs!! Probably everywhere that there is a knob! What a COOOOL idea! Here's one of my originals made a few years back.
Small brickpenquin 1292869192
These are amazing! Think about it, you could just change the knob to personalize the cabinet.
Small spirit winter 1292355219
this are great!
i believe if that if i gave one of these knobs to my dad he would finally change the knob on our kitchen cabinet that keeps falling out! he's to lazy to change it, he need inspiration in the form of these knobs!
and here's a photo of my town in a winter night, that's the closest i can get to a winter wonderland feel.
Small grad 014 c 1292268593
Aw those door knobs are awesome!! I don't really have any unique ideas unfortunately, I would probably put them on a white chest of drawers that I own, or something to that effect.
Small christmas lolly bot 1292172319
love it! nice idea.

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