Snippets Issue 22 : The Winter Issue


Elin Sirgen turns smashed up porcelain in to beautiful jewellery for her line Sägen.


At what age did you start creating jewellery?
I was 29 or something. I had sewn a lot as a hobby before that but I wanted to start a completely new life!

"Life is up to me and how this company will develop and grow is my work - I love being my own boss!"

What got you started?
I was getting tired working as a producer on other people's ideas and wanted to work with my own ideas in my own way. What began as a way to create my own ideas through a career as a stage producer soon developed into the rapidly growing young label, Sägen, which I started in 2007. The name Sägen means an old saga and shows my interest for recycling things from trash to treasure. For example, I have a huge collection of vintage buttons, which are a fantastic source of inspiration. I love using items from the past and turning them to urban modern accessories. I have always liked working with my hands and I am a mad collector that loves flea markets and I go to them as often as I can to get inspiration and source material.

What's your biggest inspiration?
Other creative and independant designers with their own labels. I am very inspired by the simple fact that life is up to me and how this company will develop and grow is my work - I love being my own boss!

Was it always your dream to create jewellery?
No not at all. My dream is to realise my ideas, whatever material, place or people that might involve. But I really love doing this!

"To people in Scandinavia and Sweden the jewellery brings back memories, laughter and romance."

When did you first go to London?
I lived there for half a year 10 years ago or something like that. I participated at London Fashion Week for the first time this year in September. The response has been great, I have been featured in some great magazines, been invited to Brazil together with the designer Lu Flux (I love her design) and also started to sell in Japan at Isitan and I have got a very nice group of new shops all over the world that found Sägen in London.

Do you plan on expanding market to the USA?
Yes, I am already there in a small scale but I would like to have an agent over there. I think it will happen pretty soon!

What inspired you to make pieces from porcelain?
I have always been a big collector of retro Scandinavian porcelain and then one summer day I started experimenting and came up with the idea! To people in Scandinavia and Sweden the jewellery brings back memories, laughter and romance.

The creations tells stories about the past. The motifs on the porcelain jewellery remind me of sunday dinners at my Grandmother's house, that is why I chose the name Dining with Grandma for my newest collection. People usually stand for a long time looking at the pieces, then they start remember and recognise where they have seen these patterns before... at different plates and cups a long time ago. Sometimes thay get sentimental, sometimes they laugh! I love it! I tell them stories about the pieces and the patterns - how old they are, what their names are, where they come from and what I like about them.

How was it being part of London Fashion Week?
Fantastic, I want to participate more at international shows and I will too. I met a lot of inspiring designers and was featured in some great magazines and now I am being interviewed by you!

You can find out more about Elin or pick up a piece of Sägen jewellery at her website.


keep up the great work...creativity is a gift and u have alot of it....i luv, luv, luv ur creations!!!!
I also like to make jewelry from recycled things. I think your jewelry is magnificent! I love it!!!
I like this idea. It look's so beautiful! I will never do some thing like this.
I love it!!
Love it - LOVE IT!!!
WOW, i would love to create something of this beauty, i want one of those pink rose neclaces and the whole feel of it with the cute teacups and the aristocratic hair, its just so brilliant, it feels very english actually
I like the quirky feel of the delicate pieces and the fact that the designer is so inspired by pieces to make certain looks. I don't know how much wear I'd get out of one of the pictured pieces but I do know that I'd love to own at least one piece of this unique jewelry.
I like this. It's creative and strange. My favorite. ^.^
So inspiring, love the porcelain leaf crown!

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