Snippets Issue 16 : The Vintage & Retro Issue

Retro Pleasures

Celebrate the decades with fun things to do.

Retro Pleasures

By Denise V

History has always served as inspiration to creative minds, spawning period films, historical fiction novels, and fashion designs. When looking for something to add a little whimsy to your life, or just give yourself a smile, why not look to the past and provide a modern spin that suits you?


Dance marathons were huge in the 20's. Learn to fox-trot, try the Charleston, do the shimmy. Dance around in your bedroom until you're exhausted or host a dance party themed to the decade. You can even expand the dance party theme to "anything before the year 2000" and experience a mesh of people waltzing, doing the twist, and moon walking in the same room.

Radio was the media of choice. Create the playlist you would broadcast if given the chance to be a DJ for a night. Enjoy the tracks alone, copy them to a disc for your friends, or you could invite them over for a listening party.

Someone had to get the first bobbed haircut and shorten their skirt. Try a new look! When shopping, try on something you wouldn't normally wear. Style your hair differently, treat yourself to a new haircut, or buy a wig if you want to keep changing. Don't worry about what the current trends are, just go with your instincts and have fun!


Pluto was discovered in 1930. It was the smallest planet in our solar system until just recently; let's give the former planet a proper send off. Write a haiku dedicated to Pluto, write the celestial being a letter about how your opinion of our shortened solar system.

Don a hat to celebrate a popular fashion trend from this decade. Design your own and try to make it yourself!


Plastic Frisbees came out in the later half of the 40's. Plan a day in the park, bring a Frisbee (of course), a kite, great food, bubbles, a blanket to sit on, and make an afternoon of it.

Try roller-skating, or rollerblading if that's more your speed. If you're particularly brave, see if there's a local roller derby in your town and try out! If there isn't one, try to start one or just skate around by yourself or with your friends./

The later half of this era experienced a wave of UFO sightings, spend a night outdoors stargazing. If you live in a well lit city, take a drive to a less populated area for a better look.


Go see a film in 3-D or find a drive in if you can and enjoy the novelty.

This was the decade of rock and roll. Spend an afternoon listening to the music you loved as a teenager, but that your parents hated.

Get a hula hoop! Try to learn tricks from various tutorials online or just put on your favorite music and try your own thing.


Try something "bohemian". Wear braids or a flower in your hair, refuse to wear shoes for as long as you can, make hemp jewelry.

Give the beatnik look a go for a day, if you really want to capture the mood try writing poetry or read something by Jack Kerouac.

Sew a babydoll dress in an unexpected fabric to marry mod style with your own.


The 1970's gave birth to Earth Day. Although April 22 has passed, you can still do your part to help the planet. Give another look to how you can really reduce your waste, start a vegetable garden, encourage others to follow suit.

Take a few hours to listen to David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, or celebrate the beginning of punk and listen to The Clash.


Buy a Rubik's Cube and tease your brain. Books have been written about strategies to solve the puzzle!

Wear a bright color (neon if you really like this decade) or a Cosby-esque sweater if the weather is cool enough.

Go to an arcade and play Pac-Man.

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Think about how to tear down your own walls. Whether it is something you are using to keep other people away or something that is preventing you from accomplishing your goals.


Adopt the grunge look to your personal style. Wear something flannel, break out the doc martens if you have a pair, experiment with floral fabrics

Give a listen to your favorite 90's bands. I would recommend Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Blur, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

If you were a fan of The Babysitter's Club series, visit What Claudia Wore at

What would you do to celebrate each decade?


reeeally good article!
I think I may try a decade each day next week.
all these ideas are so much fun!!
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