Easy knitting ides?

Hello there!
For my class, we each have to knit ten rows of ten for a passing grade. I started to get into it this weekend and knit my self a rainbow armband, (not that I'd actually wear it, it was just for practice) and I just started a light blue scarf made out of chunky wool. I'm the kind of person who always wants to be doing something, so if you guys have any easy beginner knitting projects, I would honestly love to try them!

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Join Ravelry! You can find all kinds of knitting projects there. Here is a search for free, easy knitting projects so hopefully they will be beginner type.


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Headbands and scarves! The only difference between them is how wide and long the final product is. They're just rectangles.
For headbands, think about how wide you want it to be, then cast on however many stitches that'll be (knit a test square, or gauge, to find out.)
Use garter stitch (knit every row) so it'll have a nice stretch.
Once you've got a decent length, wrap it around your head to see if it fits. It's better if it's too tight rather than too loose. A too tight final product means you can give it away to a kid with a smaller noggin. (It's not everyday I meet someone with a big head in need of a headband Tongue)
Cast off and stitch the ends together. Don't worry if the seam looks messy. You can cover it up with a nice brooch, fabric flower, strip of contrasting fabric, etc. Or you can just hide it at the back of your head.
This cat hat is adorable and pretty easy:
Happy crafting!

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