Serger Projects?

After years of thinking they were too intimidating to touch, I finally caved and got a serger. I really want to practice with all of the different stitches and things to get myself used to my machine, but I'm not really sure if there's anything more fun I can do with scrap fabric than just sewing samples? I don't want to start on good fabric until I'm a little more comfortable, but I have a fair amount of fleece and linens I can play with for the moment.

Is there any kind of easy project that would help me learn each of the different stitches and functions (or a book you learned with that you would recommend)? I've been using a basic machine for about 4 1/2 years now so I'm pretty comfortable with machines in general, just not sergers. I'm in school for fashion design now, so I can always stay after class for extra help with the school machines, but I'd really like to learn my own machine better as well. It's a Brother 1034D if that helps.

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